Stargate Universe: Season 1.0 is a DVD and Blu-ray boxset for the first half of the first season of Stargate Universe.


A group of soldiers, scientists and civilians, fleeing an attack, find themselves stranded billions of lightyears from Earth on an Ancient ship known as the Destiny. Locked on an unknown course, they must fight to survive and find a way home. Through the danger and adventures, some will become heroes, some will become villains...and some won't make it out at all. Welcome to Stargate Universe.

Features (DVD)[]

  • Air, Part 3 – Executive Producer Robert C. Cooper, Director Andy Mikita and VFX Supervisor Mark Savela
  • Darkness – Actors Brian J. Smith, David Blue and Elyse Levesque
  • Light – Actors Brian J. Smith, David Blue and Elyse Levesque
  • Water – Director William Waring and actor Louis Ferreira
  • Earth – Actors Brian J. Smith, David Blue and Elyse Levesque
  • Time – Executive producer Robert C. Cooper and David Blue
  • Life – Actors Ming-Na and Brian J. Smith
  • Justice – Director William Waring and actors Louis Ferreira, Brian J. Smith, Elyse Levesque and Jamil Walker Smith


  • Kino Video Diaries:
  • Destiny SML:

Additional Features (Blu-ray)[]

  • A Brand New "Universe"
  • Designing Destiny
  • Inside Destiny
  • Director's Minutes; William Waring, Water
  • Falling Through Ice
  • On the Ice
  • Setting the (Alien) Mood
  • Out on the Town
  • A Stunt in Tight Places
  • Director's Minutes; Ernest R. Dickerson, Earth
  • Helmet-Cam 101
  • Shooting in the Rain
  • Let it Rain
  • Fight!
  • Future/Past: The New Stargate
  • A New Look for SGU
  • Kawoosh 2.0
  • Chatting with the cast: Shooting on the Destiny
  • Director's Minutes; Andy Mikita
  • No Day at the Beach
  • White Sands

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