Stargate Universe: Icarus # 2 (also referred to as Centripetal Acceleration) was going to be the second issue of a story arc in an ongoing comic series called Icarus by American Mythology Productions. It was never published, however, the script is available to read.


This issue covers Dr. Nicholas Rush's origin story.

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The events of this story would have led up to Stargate Universe's pilot Air, Part 1.


The Daedalus monitors the decaying orbit of a planet being eaten by its host star. Dr. Nicholas Rush wants to measure the magnetic field in the space in between them but Airman Suzy Johnson realizes that would require the ship getting closer to the cosmic event and is hesitant to comply with his orders when he tells her to do it. She looks to Colonel Steven Caldwell, who believes that they shouldn't move the Daedalus that close as it would put the ship and its crew at risk. Dr. Rush and Caldwell argue, with Rush going as far as threatening to have him court-martialed.

There's a flashback to the past, where Nicholas is with his dying wife Gloria. Rush puts aside his work and takes her to see her family.

Later, he returns to Berkeley and meets Dr. Daniel Jackson, who after getting him alone, beams him onboard a ship and introduces him to the Stargate Program. He informs him of their discovery of an Ancient record that leads to the other side of the universe, and the vast power requirements that he has never seen. He wants Rush's help and promises to get his wife the best doctors they can. However, she dies.

Back in the present, Caldwell orders Master Sergeant Zellmer to get Rush off his bridge and into the brig.

Suddenly, the Daedalus is attacked by an Lucian Alliance Ha'tak, while their shields are down. Their only eight F-302 fighter-interceptors are launched to combat the swarm of Death Gliders while the Daedalus concentrates on the Ha'tak. Collins, one of the pilots, tries to warn Blue Two pilot Kelly of a death glider on her tail, however, her F-302 is destroyed.

A massive explosion hits the hull of the Daedalus. Zellmer is dead, and Colonel Caldwell hit the floor but Johnson confirms he's still alive. Rush goes to Johnson's post and she tries to get him to step away. He tells her to either help him or shut up, as he doesn't want to die either. Another Airman draws their weapon on Rush to get him to back off. Rush tells him to no and if he's going to shoot to do it already and put him out of his misery. Johnson pulls the gun away from the airman telling him they have nothing to lose.

With shields still down and weapons offline, the Daedalus activates its engines and heads towards the atmosphere. Colonel Caldwell regains consciousness. He starts to order Rush what to do but Johnson informs him that what Rush is doing might work. The atmosphere is thick and the E-M storms are strong enough to dissipate their beam weapons, however, the Alliance knows they can't stay in there for long, unshielded.

The Ha'tak follows them. Rush waits for the right moment, as the systems on the Daedalus redline. Electromagnetic shocks hit the Ha'tak hull and interfere with their shields. The Ha'tak disintegrates while the Daedalus emerges from the atmosphere.

Suzy tells Rush that he did it, but he's still hard at work. He tells them to get the F-302s back on board because they have to leaves. Caldwell agrees. After the F-302s returned, the Daedalus jumps into hyperspace. Right after they leave, the planet begins to disintegrate.

In deep space, the Daedalus drops out of hyperspace. Johnson reports that the ship's systems are coming back online and that Rush's sensor array worked. Rush explains that it showed the destructive interference of the gravity waves had enough power to destroy a ship but not enough to dial the 9th chevron.

While the Daedalus is in orbit over Earth, Rush and Caldwell report to General Jack O'Neill about their findings with the optimal spot for the gravitational waves constructive and destructive interference, and how it's not enough for the 9th chevron. O'Neill then informs Rush that the Lucian Alliance has acquired a large amount of naquadria and that he wants Rush to figure out how they got it.


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