Stargate Universe: Icarus # 1 (named The Xi’an Gambit) was supposed to be the first issue of a story arc in an ongoing comic series called Icarus by American Mythology Productions. It was never published, however, the script is available to read.

Chronology Placement[]

The events of this story would have led up to Stargate Universe's pilot Air, Part 1.


The planet Haidon, a world recently liberated from the System Lords, is under attack by Lucian Alliance Death Gliders. Three Xi'an soldiers try to make it to the stargate, only for them to be surrounded. The Lucian leader Corrin has two of the Xi'an killed, but he spares Duizhu Cheung to use as a messenger to the planet Xi'an that the Lucian are coming and they must surrender or die.

At Stargate Command, General O'Neill informs Colonel Everett Young that Xi'an only has 26 days left to submit to the Alliance. Duizhu Cheung informs them that the Xi'an planet has the secret to the ninth chevron to help gain interest for their aid.

As Command personnel prepare the Xi'an people, Dr. Szu greets Dr. Blake and Sergeant Ronald Greer in System Lord Vu's palace throne room, where she leads them into Vu's treasure room. Inside they find Destiny like technology and Ancient writings. They learn that the ninth chevron will take a lot of power.

Meanwhile, Cheung catches sight of two soldiers she doesn't recognize. As she chases after them, General Szeto stops her and tells her their conscripts. She then seeks out Colonel Young for advice on following superiors and asks if he will help her.

Greer continues on through the darkness of the treasury to a dead end. Dr. Blakes finds a secret button and a hologram speaking Ancient appears.

In a wilderness clearing, Young and Cheung spy on General Szeto and find him with two Lucian Alliance men.

Greer continues to try to find a way through the dead end and eventually decides to just kick the door down. He finds a gate room on the other side with Lucian Alliance soldiers dragging the dead bodies of SGC members away, while Xi'an soldiers just stand by, allowing it.

During this time, Young and Cheung run towards the city so Young can warn the Jaffa that this was a setup. Cheung readies herself for battle, knowing some of her men must still be loyal. They split up and Young arrives to the SGC command center on the outskirts of the city just as Death Gliders begin their bombardment. People begin to die and Young orders a retreat.

Back in the gate room, Greer kills the Lucian soldiers and seals the door to the gate room.

As Young and his men make it to the palace, they are ambushed by Corrin. Just as they are forced to surrender, Cheung kills Corrin from behind with her sword through his chest. Cheung's fighters overwhelm the Lucian soldiers.

Greer goes back for Dr. Blake and Dr. Szu who are still watching the holographic recording, with Blake taking notes, as explosions shake the room. Greer and Szu try to convince Blake to leave but he's resistant, as he wants more time with the hologram. The ceiling collapses and kills Szu, and still Blake is resistant, until he as well is also crushed. Greer takes his notes and escapes back to the gate room to find Colonel Young and the few remaining SGC soldiers locked outside. Greer opens the door just as an alliance grenade blasts it, sending people flying, including Young who is knocked unconscious.

Greer tries to cover the rests escape until Cheung and her few remaining fighters tell the Tau'ri to escape without them. As they will fight for the freedom once again. Greer carries Young's body and escapes through the stargate.

Meanwhile, the Jaffa ships drop out of hyperspace, and receive message from the Tau'ri of the trap. They escape just in time as six Al'kesh uncloak in a sneak attack.

Back on Earth in O'Neill's office, Dr. Daniel Jackson goes over Blakes notes, while O'Neill commends Greer's work in saving the expedition. Greer asks Jackson if he could get anything from the notes and Jackson says he thinks so, but asks if there is anything else. Greer remembers a Chinese symbol that Vu had everywhere and scribbles it down. Jack asks what it says and Daniel translates it to 'Destiny'.


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