Stargate Universe: Back To Destiny 4 is the fourth issue in American Mythology Productions' comic book series set after Stargate Universe's series finale, Gauntlet.

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The discovery of Ancients in hibernation on board the Destiny along with previously unknown technology has brought Colonel Young, Dr. Rush, Eli and the others to the precipice of a major challenge in their journey, one filled with as much potential danger as they’ve ever faced.


  • While Colonel Young talks to the team prior to them going through the Stargate, he makes it a point that they can't have the stargate on longer than necessary. He then proceeds to order Eli to "dial it up", however, the Stargate was already seen active, as the event horizon can be seen behind the team from the beginning of the scene, and Eli had commented that he already sent a Kino and has readings of the planet's weather.

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