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Stargate Universe: Back To Destiny 2 is the second issue in American Mythology Productions' 2017 bi-monthly comic book series. It takes place right after Stargate Universe's series finale Gauntlet.


Colonel Young continues to plead to the blonde woman about the ship's draining energy reserves until she shuts him up, quickly learning English amazing both Eli and Young. She says the language wasn't difficult and points out they haven't answered her original question of who they are and why they are on Destiny. Young tells her he will talk if she grants his request to refrain reactivating the ship's systems. She turns to her colleague, Aunan and orders him to do as Young says.

Young starts to explain that they dialed the ninth chevron address discovered in the database on Atlantis. She asks if he's been to the city, he answers no but his people did. He asks if she heard of it. She says that the city-ships were in an early design stage at the time Destiny was launched. They and the ship were part of several competing projects for the same mission in mind. Before she can continue, Eli points out that one of the blonde woman's people, Irnas is clutching his head before dropping to his knees. She says he must be moved to the infirmary for treatment. She orders Young and Eli to carry him as she holds them at gunpoint. Young is about to ask about the mission the woman mentioned before remembering she never told them her name. She says her name is Vasi and that the mission is not hers, they are engineers not explorers.

A flashback to approximately one million years ago shows Destiny in spacedock orbiting Earth undergoing final launch preparations. The final countdown for launch is underway while on the bridge Vasi and her engineers are finishing up when one of her workers attempt to correct a glitch that could potentially put the ship at risk. However, an overload occurs that forces them to abandon the repair. Also, the countdown ends and Destiny begins to leave spacedock. Vasi communicates their situation to the spacedock personnel who unfortunately tells her that they cannot use the Stargate since they are in close proximity to Earth's gate and that the ship is accelerating too rapidly for a shuttle to intercept. They are advised to enter the stasis units and wait until the expeditionary team arrives, at which point they will be able to return to Earth.

Back to the present, Vasi explains that they did what they were told but now, a million years later they are trapped on the ship with no way home. Col. Young tells her at least they all have that in common. In the infirmary, Irnas's temperature is elevated while Vasi is trying to determine the cause. Young suggests their own medical personnel examine. He tells Eli to revive Tamara Johansen, Nicholas Rush and Lieutenant Matthew Scott, using the word Lucian in place of Scott's real name to Eli's confusion but complies as Young's insistence.


  • Vasi indicates that city-ships like Atlantis were "in the early design stage when [Destiny] was launched". Her flashback shows Destiny's construction with the caption "Earth orbit. Approximately one million years ago…". This is at odds with the timeline given by Stargate Atlantis, which shows a fully completed Atlantis leaving Earth with the caption "Several million years ago". (SGA: "Rising")


Asuran pistol, Aunan, Ayiana, Irnas, Janet Fraiser, Jota, Long-range communication device, Long-range communication stone, Lucian Alliance, Vasi

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