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Stargate Universe: Back To Destiny 1 is the first issue in American Mythology Productions' 2017 bi-monthly comic book series. It takes place right after Stargate Universe's series finale Gauntlet.

Publisher's summary[]

Stargate Universe the comic book begins right where Season Two of the acclaimed science fiction TV series ended, with the crew and unwilling passengers of Destiny set to cross a vast expanse of space with no margin for error. With almost all of the crew of the ancient starship Destiny in suspended animation, only Eli Wallace is left awake to repair his own stasis pod before time runs out. While he races against time, a new and unexpected danger threatens the fragile plan designed to keep everyone alive and away from the aliens who had been pursuing them. What strange new menace confronts Eli, Colonel Young, Doctor Rush and the others? You’ll have to pick up this issue to find out! Join the Stargate Atlantis writing team of Mark L. Haynes & J.C. Vaughn and The Land That Time Forgot and Marvel’s Gorilla-Man artist Giancarlo Caracuzzo for the return of Dr. Rush, Colonel Young, Camile Wray, Eli Wallace and the rest! Stargate Universe kicks off right here!


Colonel Everett Young is awakened from his stasis pod by Eli Wallace. He realizes he and Wallace are accompanied by five unknown humans. He tells them that the ship needs to conserve energy but is ignored by the leader, a blonde female, who is more focused on the structural damage of the ship. Eli tells the Colonel its only been two and a half months since the crew went into stasis. Eli then assures him he has temporarily fixed their power problem that necessitated their 3-year hibernation plan. This leads to Colonel Young asking Eli to explain from the beginning.

After putting everyone into hibernation and powering down most systems, Eli began trying to fix his hibernation pod. After many attempts, including reading through the 1700 page manual, he temporarily revived Lt. Matthew Scott for some encouragement and advice. With time running out, Eli tried exercising to clear his head when he found a solution. Instead of failing to fixing the pod, he bought himself more time by collecting the stream of energy flowing around Destiny when in FTL. This pushed back his deadline an extra 10 weeks.

After more attempts, Eli concluded that success required a very specific replacement part. He then reasoned that there should be more hibernation pods elsewhere since Destiny has a crew of a thousand and they only found a hundred pods. After looking up the schematics, he found another set of pods in a section where its surrounding corridors wasn't accessible except via airlock. Putting on a spacesuit and reaching there, Eli unexpectedly saw two humans standing in front of their friends who are still in stasis. Their leader then proceeded to shoot Eli unconscious, leading to the present moment.

Colonel Young still wants to know who these people are, with Eli saying that these people are so familiar with Destiny that in a few hours they have repaired and brought online many unknown systems to the point they can return here without a spacewalk. Colonel Young asked Eli if they could be the original crew but Eli doesn't think so as stasis won't stop aging. Colonel Young then proceeded to try and ask them to stop with their leader interrogatively asking them how did they get onto her ship.


Ancient; Ancient environmental suit; Ancient language; Berzerker drone; Control interface room; Control Ship; Earth; Ginn; Homeworld Command; Kino; Lucian Alliance; David Telford

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