Stargate SG-1: The Official Magazine 4 was released by Titan Magazines, which is a dividsion on Titan Publishing Group.



  • Advanced Telemetry: We round up the latest news from the worlds of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis, including news on the imminent Stargate SG-1: The Alliance video game!
  • The Debreif: Martin Wood: Charged with directing the Stargate: Atlantis pilot, Martin Wood was responsible for kicking off a whole new era of gate adventure. Here he tells us why he's looking forward to the second season.
  • The Debrief: Rachel Luttrell: She really packed a punch as Teyla Emmagan in Stargate Atlantis's first season - and now as the actress prepares for another year as the feisty fighter, she's happy to talk about her hopes for the character.
  • Daniel's Notebook: The Goa'uld: The original and still the worst enemy for SG-1 has had to battle against - we take a look at the history of the Goa'uld through the rise of Apophis and Anubis!
  • Mission Debrief: The Nox: Relive this early SG-1 mission, complete with a new and exclusive interview with Armin Shimerman!
  • Comm Chatter: Readers have their say!
  • Security Directive: Ships: Stargate SG-1 Magazine opens the SGC files once again - this time to find out all about the space-faring hardware they have encountered during their time amongst the stars!
  • The Kit Bag: In the second part of our merchandising round up, we take a look at Legends Memorabilia's props and costumes, Creation's new range of Stargate: Atlantis clothing, and more besides!
  • Next Issue: Gate into the future and find out what's in the next issue of Stargate SG-1 The Official Magazine!
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