Sweet Herbs and Freedom is a short story, which was published by Fandemonium in Stargate SG-1 / Atlantis: Homeworlds.


Linea having escaped from Stargate Command with a handful of gate addresses seeks out a community which will provide her the means to carry on with her abhorrent medical research with the ultimate goal to reek revenge on her own people. She arrives at a world with a thriving settlement and sets herself up as a healer, she hears about the Goa'uld which could offer an interesting line of research but first a few experiments on these people before she moves on.

Chronological Placement

This adventure takes place during season two of Stargate SG-1, after the episode Prisoners.


An official extract from the short story:


Sweet Herbs and Freedom

SHE STOOD beneath a sky dark with imminent rain. The air she breathed in, that first deep breath of freedom, was so moist she almost drank it. Static charges from the wormhole behind her prickled her skin and sent strands of hair frizzing in all directions. Exhale. Second breath, as good as the first. No people in sight. Flocks of avian creatures wheeled through the air, quick as thought they dove into the cover of thick forest surrounding the dais where she stood. Thunder cracked overhead. In the distance rain fell in sheets, rapidly working its way toward her.

The dull green garments she wore offered little protection from such a drenching. No need to walk into unattractive weather. The Tau’ri machines had revealed so many new worlds for her use; there were so many opportunities awaiting her. She walked down the steps, into the first hard drops of rain. The dialing device sat dumbly at the foot of the Great Circle, no, “Stargate” was what they had called it. A nice name. The symbols shone brightly golden in the gloom. Six for an address and one for the planet on which she stood — a simple matter of identifying the sole unique one — just as described in the Tau'ri's records.

A solid clunk and the Stargate connected to the galaxy with a sharp tang of ozone and steam. Linea smiled, and walked on to find her next world to conquer.

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