Sun-Breaker is a short story, which was published by Fandemonium in Stargate SG-1 / Atlantis: Homeworlds.


The General Hammond commanded by Colonel Carter receives word from Rak'nor requesting a meeting, he reveals that the Lucian Alliance may have visited a long abandon world once controlled by Heru'ur. With limited scope to confront the Alliance the decision is made to send the Hammond to investigate the planet's star which when scanned seems to have changed status from historically recorded observations. What are the Alliance up to and can Rak'nor and Teal'c shine light onto the mystery while Sam draws the attention away from the covert mission?

Chronological Placement

This adventure takes place three years after season ten of Stargate SG-1.

Official Extract

An official extract from the short story:



“AM I DISTURBING you, Colonel Carter?”

Samantha Carter looked up from her tablet to see that Teal’c had entered the crew lounge on the General George Hammond, the 304 ship under her command. He wore a sleeveless vest and a much more relaxed smile than he'd ever have had back when she'd first met him on Chulak all those years ago.

She gave him a smile right back. “Not at all, Teal’c. I was just stargazing. What can I do for you?” “We have received a communiqué from Rak’nor. He should be in the system within the hour.” “Good.”

Teal’c walked around the couch where Carter was sitting to stand in front of her. “Stargazing?” he asked with his trademark head tilt. Carter held the tablet display out toward the Jaffa. “Just looking at the view from the Hammond’s port camera.”

“To what end?”

She hesitated. “When I was a kid, the stars were my one constant. We moved around all the time, whenever Dad was transferred somewhere else, and there wasn’t much I could hang onto as being consistent in my life — especially after Mom died. But the night sky was always the same. I could look in my telescope, and no matter if we were living in Lincoln or Dover or D.C. or Colorado Springs, the stars were right where I left them.”

“Yet now, they are different.”

Carter chuckled. “Yeah, now what I enjoy is how everywhere I take the Hammond, the stars are different. Every time we come out of hyperspace, it’s a new set of stars. The constant is that it’s never the same. Does that make sense?” “Indeed it does. The progress of life is such that one’s perspectives change. My own views have altered considerably over the decades I have lived.”

Before Carter could respond to that, the voice of the watch officer came over the intercom. “Bridge to Colonel Carter.” “Go ahead,” she said.

“Colonel, a cargo ship identifying itself as belonging to the Free Jaffa Nation has decloaked, and we’re being hailed by its sole occupant, who calls himself Councilor Rak’nor.”