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Stargate SG-1: Roswell is a novel co-written by Sonny Whitelaw and Jennifer Fallon and published by Fandemonium.

Publishers Summary[]

A stitch in time...

When a Stargate malfunction throws Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell, Dr. Daniel Jackson, Lt. Colonel Sam Carter, and Teal'c back in time, they only have minutes to live.

But their rescue, by an unlikely duo - Major General Jack O'Neill and Vala Mal Doran - is only the beginning of their problems. Ordered to rescue an Asgard also marooned in 1947, SG-1 find themselves at the mercy of history. While Jack, Daniel, Sam and Teal'c become embroiled in the Roswell aliens conspiracy, Cam and Vala are stranded in another timeline, desperately searching for a way home. As the effects of their interference ripple through time, the consequences for the future are catastrophic.

Trapped in the past, SG-1 can only watch as their world is overrun by a terrible invader...

Chronological Placement[]

The events depicted in this adventure take place during season ten of Stargate SG-1 between the episodes Memento Mori and The Quest, Part 1.


Ultimately, with the help of An, the Asgard, and Cameron Mitchell, who after eventually travelling through the Stargate with Vala in an attempt to fix history, became Qetesh's First Prime. They manage to stop the invasion, which is led by Qetesh, who plans to assassinate Ra. Using Asgard beaming technology, they manage to beam 1947 nukes on board both of the Ha'tak in orbit, destroying them, killing Ra and Qetesh. Mitchell manages to get his hands on a time travel device and, unable to signal a beam out as he lost his radio, rings down to New York before Ra's ship is destroyed. With that done, Daniel, Teal'c and Carter travel to the past where the right Mitchell and Vala are stuck and beam them and a man that shouldn't have died but did in fire they caused aboard. Vala uses a Goa'uld healing device to heal his injuries from the fire and SG-1 beams him back and then returns to their own corrected time, taking An with them.

Publishers Extract[]

An extract from chapter 22:

“You.” The lieutenant's nightstick swung around in an arc. He stabbed it in Daniel and Jack's direction as he approached them.

“Who? Us?” Jack said, adopting a well-practiced expression of cluelessness that worked so rarely, Daniel wondered why he bothered to try it on anyone.


Jack smiled disarmingly. “Ah…names. Mulder and Scully.”

“Where do you live?”

“Colorado,” Daniel replied, before Jack could get too carried away. “We’re just passing through town, lieutenant.”

“Where ya headed?”

“New York,” Daniel said without thinking.

“Kinda taking the scenic route, ain’t, ya?”

“But there’s so much to see,” Jack said. “Little green men, and flying saucers… Oh, and arresting innocent citizens eating in a diner.”

“Jack!” Daniel hissed in warning, but it was too late. The damage was done.

The MP's eyes narrowed dangerously. “Wise guy, huh?” The lieutenant grabbed Jack by the arm. “Outside. The both of you. You’re coming, too.”

Deleted Extracts[]

Sonny Whitelaw released two deleted extracts through her website, once Fandemonium had published the book. The extracts were removed from the final story for various reasons, mostly because they were unnecessary to the furtherance of the story, and interrupted the pace of narrative.

First deleted extract:
Carefully injecting only minimal interest in his voice, Jack said, “And…?” Too much enthusiasm and he'd get the entire history of the Egyptian pyramids. Again.

Second deleted extract:
“Don’t you see? The discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb—while not necessarily the most significant—was, and still is, the most famous of the Egyptian finds. His funerary mask became iconic, as, too, have the countless tales of impropriety and the largely fictional ‘curse of the mummy’.”


Notes of interest[]

  • The novel places Qetesh as one of Ra's daughters and plotted to remove her father but his death at Abydos weakened her position forcing her to flee to safety.
  • The Roswell incident and the cavern around the Antarctica Stargate were the result of time travelling by SG-1.
  • Lovecraft and his Cthulthu mythos was inspired by the stories from Vala and SG-1.
  • The Tunguska Event is caused by a Ha'tak damaged by SG-1.
  • A version of H.G. Wells from before he writes War of the Worlds appears alongside a future version of Carter.
  • The device Cassandra used to send SG-1 back to their time in the future in the episode 1969 was not just a device she used to open the wormhole but also a time travel device of some sort. It acted both as a remote DHD and a device that could be used for opening wormholes to various times and places as long as you focused on where and when you wanted to go. Part of it was in H.P. Lovecraft's possession- his grandfather having acquired it during a trip to Egypt- and the other part was in King Tut's tomb.
  • As a result of SG-1 leaving Cam and Vala behind in 1908 when they are forced to travel to 1947, an alternate timeline is briefly created where Qetesh took Vala as a host in 1908. Qetesh subsequently turns Mitchell into her First Prime, and later participates in an attack on Earth in 1947. However, Mitchell has secretly been arranging things on various worlds in Ra's empire so that the slaves can operate independently, practising more human methods while using ruthless practicality to justify them. He is subsequently able to destroy Ra and Qetesh by beaming a Nuclear warhead onto Ra's Ha'tak; Ra was planning to take Vala's son (implied to be Mitchell's as well) as a new host while Qetesh would take Vala's daughter, Mitchell thus reasoning that Vala would have died soon anyway. He subsequently remains in the new timeline after the Goa'uld are driven off to help the people of that reality rebuild and prepare them for contact with the wider universe while the rest of SG-1 return to the past to restore their original timeline.

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