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Stargate SG-1: Infiltration (SG1-32) is a novel written by Susannah Parker Sinard and published by Fandemonium.

Publishers SummaryEdit

I am within…

Why was Major Sam Carter chosen as a host by the alien invader in the STARGATE SG-1 episode “Entity”? In this exciting adventure we discover the mission that led the entity to its fateful decision…

Captured by the Goa’uld Lugh, Carter faces a hard choice: help repair a cloaking device that would give Lugh a dangerous advantage or allow SG-1 to be handed over to the System Lords. But all is not as it seems among the Goa’uld under Lugh’s command, and SG-1 soon find themselves recruited by underground operatives possessing a rare gift that allows them to infiltrate Lugh’s inner circle. However, it is a gift that comes at a terrible price—a price that may yet cost SG-1 their lives.

Meanwhile, the alien entity continues scanning SG-1’s mission reports in its quest to preserve its own life…

Chronology PlacementEdit

The events depicted in this adventure take place right before the Stargate SG-1 episode Entity.


  • The novel's original title was "Within".[1]
  • Somehow the novel became lost on Amazon's servers, prior to Infiltration's release, resulting in Amazon removing the books pre-orders and the book getting pushed back a day.[2][3]


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