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The SG-1 team discovers an ancient alien device that promises to bring "peace to the past." While attempting to decipher its glyphs a sudden electrical discharge engulfs and throws Daniel unconscious to the ground. He wakes on Abydos to find Skaara and Sha're are still alive and free of Goa'uld possession. Somehow he has been transported into the past before the arrival of Apophis and has been given another chance to save his wife and the people of Abydos. Determined not to make the same mistakes again Daniel prepares an ambush for the System Lord in an attempt to change the outcome of this pivotal moment in his life. When the Goa'uld arrive he springs the trap but is not prepared for the unexpected consequences. Is this a chance for Daniel to right a wrong in his past or will his interference cause of series of events that will shake the very fabric of time? Available in regular, photo, wraparound, and a special Glow-in-the-Dark cover that is limited to 1000 copies.

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The events in this story takes place during Season 2 of Stargate SG-1.


On PX3-111, O'Neill plays with a Jaffa skull cap, while Dr. Daniel Jackson and Carter evaluate the Past and peace device. Daniel gets shocked and falls unconscious.

Daniel finds himself on Abydos in the Pyramid of Ra studying the writings. Sha're informs him that it is time for the 'meal of thanks'. As Daniel is taken to the meal, the stargate opens and a tissue box falls through.

Daniel is confused how Skaara is there since he was lost to Apophis. Kasuf doesn't know what Daniel is taking about. As Daniel also remembers Sha're was taken as well, the tissue box is brought before Daniel prompting him to remember Jack tossing it to him the year before. Daniel decides to take this second chance to save Sha're.

Jackson sends the tissue box back with warning for them to wait 48 hours, as Daniel prepares the Abydonians for the arrival of Apophis and his Jaffa. He then warns Sha're if things go bad to hide in her father's house and to not look back.

Once the stargate activates and Apophis and his Jaffa arrive, Daniel greets him and then signals for the ambush. Huge chunks of stone bricks are brought down upon the guards, while the Abydonian's fire there weapons all at once. Apophis and his men are mostly buried and crushed under the rubble, but Apophis still raises his kara kesh to attack back, but before he can activate it, Daniel crushes his hand with a stone brick and then proceeds to crush his head with it, proclaiming that it's over.

As Daniel and Sha're embrace, Daniel sees Teal'c laying dead in the wreckage. Sha're questions if his mind is now at peace and Daniel realizes this isn't real. That the device did this for him. He says his goodbyes to her and awakens in Stargate Command's infirmary, happy to see Teal'c alive. He also shreds a tear as he remembers why they're still fighting these battles.


Aztec; Aztec language

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