Stargate SG-1: Aris Boch is a comic book by Jorge Correa and published by Avatar Press in 2004.

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The SG-1 team stumbles upon the aftermath of a firefight between rival System Lords and the self-proclaimed greatest bounty hunter in the universe, Aris Boch. Wounded and in need of assistance the sarcastic mercenary returns to the SGC with the team and offers them an intriguing trade proposition. If they will ambush the envoy of Cronus and obtain the drug he needs to stay alive, he will give them a DNA sample of his Goa'uld resistant blood. With the prospect of eliminating human Goa'uld host possession forever, the team undertakes the risky mission. Will Boch keep his end of the bargain or is he plotting to cash in on the hefty bounty for SG-1's lives? Available in regular, wraparound by Correa, painted by Ryan Drake, and photo cover editions.




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