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Re-solicited (previously the Stargate SG-1 2005 Convention Special). An all-new Stargate SG-1 story! The 2006 Stargate Convention season starts here! Pinned down by invisible attackers the SG-1 team discovers that the Goa'uld have uncovered the secrets to the Nox invisibility technology. They appear on the verge of being overrun when Anteaus and his Nox companions appear among them and help dispatch the attacking Jaffa. Anteaus reveals that one of their own has turned from the peaceful life journey to embrace the Goa'uld philosophy. The team is forced to find a way to stop the traitor before she can make the already powerful Goa'uld invincible! The longest running hit sci-fi series on television rockets into comics in 2006 with the return of the fan-favorite Nox in this special issue! Available in regular, wraparound and Bad to the Bone (limited to 1000) covers by Jorge Correa, Painted by Ryan Drake, Evil Nox by SG Atlantis artist Mauricio Melo, photo as well as a special leather cover that is limited to just 600 copies.





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