Stargate SG-1/Atlantis/SG:U: The Official Magazine 32 was released by Titan Magazines.

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In this 100-page special issue meet the women of Stargate Universe - Alaina Huffman, Elyse Leversque, and Ming-Na. Plus, Brad Wright offers a fresh start for Stargate, and check out exclusive interviews with Claudia Black on Stargate SG-1 and Jewel Straite on Stargate Atlantis.


  • Chevron Engaged: The Editor's welcome to Stargate Magazine, plus a handy cut-out-and-keep guide to everyone who helps make your favorite magazine...
  • Stargazing: Robert Carlyle: When actor Robert Carlyle was first approached about starring in Stargate Universe, he wondered if the producers had contacted the right guy. Now he's as fascinated by his character of Dr. Rush as we are...
  • Women Of Stargate Universe: See red box below for details!
    • The Universe Interview: Alaina Huffman: Crashing through the Stargate to escape a sneak attack, First Lieutenant Tamara Johansen finds herself overwhelmed by the medical needs of her fellow survivors. For actress Alaina Huffman, her arrival on Stargate Universe was a lot less traumatic.
    • The Universe Interview: Elyse Levesque: Actress Elyse Levesque landed the role of Chloe Armstrong on Stargate Universe despite worrying that she'd blown the audition. She went on to discover that actress and character have a lot in common.
    • The Universe Interview: Ming-Na: Trapped aboard the Destiny with the staff of Icarus Base. HR Officer Camille Wray knows something about each of her companions. For actress Ming-Na, Stargate Universe has been a journey of discovery.
  • The Universe Interview: Brad Wright: Having worked on Stargate for over a decade, writer/executive producer Brad Wright has dramatically reinvented the franchise with Stargate Universe.
  • The SG-1 Interview: Amanda Tapping: The original 'woman of Stargate', Amanda Tapping has left the SGC behind and branched out in new directions, seeking Sanctuary.
  • Classified: SG-1 Personal Emails: A soon-to-be-deleted email exchange between Vala Mal Doran and Lt. Col. Samantha Carter is retrieved from the SGC archives...
  • Classic Episode: Missing: It's survival of the fittest as two of Stargate's greatest gal pals go on a trip and encounter a tougher time than anticipated in the classic Stargate: Atlantis episode, Missing.
  • Designing Their Destiny: Designing the universe for a brand new show was always going to be a challenge, especially following over a decade of other successful Stargate designs/ Stargate Universe Production Designer James Robbins and Visual Effects Supervisor Mark Savela rose to the occasion.
  • Stargate Quiz: Women Of Stargate: In keeping with this issue's overall 'women of Stargate' theme, here's a quiz that'll test your knowledge of Stargate's assorted femmes.
  • Next Issue: There's more to come, as we continue to follow Stargate: Universe from script to screen...

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