Stargate SG-1! The Best Websites and Factoids is a reference book which details the best websites of 2002 for information relating to Stargate SG-1. An updated version of the Stargate SG-1 Internet Guide, it was advertised as a search engine killer, though it is now vastly out of date and many of the websites no longer exist while others have sprung up since it was published.

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Looking for the best websites? Let Lightning Rod draw you in the right direction. You're tired of aimlessly searching the web. You're sick of garbled search engine descriptions. You've tried checking out webrings but what good are they if half the sites offer the same information?

Our guides list names, URL addresses and concise descriptions of the best sites on a topic. We only list the best-designed, most easily navigated and most easily understood sites that offer unique or exclusive information. The text in the guide is in a clear, large font for easy reading and copying into any web browser. Plus, you'll find great factoids right here without ever having to sign on! Vital information and fascinating facts about your favorite topic. For newbies and experts alike, we give you factoids that everyone should know or be reminded of. No rumors here — just the better-than-fiction facts.

Lightning Rod guides are compiled by fans, not computers. Regularly updated and revised, our guides are simple, straightforward and unofficial — there's no corporate interest driving our lists. Say goodbye to annoying search engine descriptions and say hello to a whole new way to surf the web.

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