Stargate Roleplaying Game is an upcoming SG-1-themed tabletop roleplaying game produced by Wyvern Gaming.


The game has players exploring the galaxy as SG team members from the alien and human off-world reconnaissance base Phoenix site. Players will be able to create characters from a variety of races that are allies of Earth, such as; the Tok'ra, Unas, Jaffa, Abydonians, Langarans and Aturen. (The Tau'ri race won't be playable.) [1]

Players will be fighting against the Goa'uld System Lords. Missions include retrieving artifacts, rescuing important VIPs, and assassinating or capturing high-value targets.

There will also be a living campaign that allows players to raise up in ranks at the S.G.C. There will be an online system to track character progression and where players can also earn unique items and credits over time. Players will also be able to transfer their characters from one table to another to play with a different group.[2]

The game system will be based on the D&D 5th edition Open Gaming License.[3]

Each adventure in-game will represent an "episode", with story elements building together in a living campaign to create a coherent "season", which starts during the sixth season of Stargate SG-1.[4] The official season will take place over the game's first year. The upcoming storyline's working title is "Stargate: Phoenix - A Living RPG Series". [5]

Chronological PlacementEdit

The game will use Stargate SG-1's episode Allegiance as the starting point for it's story.[6]



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