"Welcome to the Control Room, for all intents and purposes, the city's nerve center."
Richard Woolsey[src]

Stargate Operations, referred to as Central Control by the Lanteans, is the main control center of Atlantis. Housing the Stargate, the Control room, the conference room, and the Atlantis commander's office, Stargate Operations is the hub for most activity within the city.

The control room has several consoles such as:

  • Main Control Console
  • Environmental Support Systems
  • Communications/DHD and Gate Shield Control (including the 8th Chevron Control Crystal)
  • Power Control Systems
  • Auxiliary Console
  • Internal/External biometric sensor array

Atlantis's Stargate Ops

From these consoles the city's main systems can be controlled, such as the cloak, the shield, the long range sensors, and all other major systems apart from weapons. It is located near the top of the control tower, just below the Jumper bay. There is also an Lantean lockout device located in front of the Stargate.(SGA: "Rising", "Suspicion", "The Brotherhood", "Sanctuary", "The Siege, Part 2", "The Siege, Part 3", "The Return, Part 1")


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