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"30 years later. A new team takes command!"

Stargate Infinity was an animated spin-off of Stargate SG-1 that lasted one season, from 2002 to 2003. Brad Wright has stated that it should not be considered part of the SG-1/Atlantis/Universe canon.


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Stargate Infinity is set 30 years after the Tau'ri used the Stargate and traveled to Abydos. According to the show, by that time the Stargate had become public knowledge, and some aliens had become citizens of Earth (or of countries on Earth). A veteran member of the SGC, Major Gus Bonner leads a team of young recruits through the gate after being framed by an alien infiltrator of the hostile Tlak'kahn race (the Goa'uld having long since been defeated; this was written years before their defeat was even conceived on SG-1). The team must travel from world to world until they find the evidence to clear their names while learning about the unique cultures in the galaxy, alongside learning about themselves in the process. This plot was never resolved.

The show often featured an educational comment or summary about the moral lessons learned during the course of an episode.


Main Characters[]

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Image Title Number Airdate Planet(s) Race(s) Enemies
Stargate Infinity Decision The Decision 1.01 September 14, 2002 Earth, PR6-308 Tlak'kahn, Sheftu Nephestis, Da'kyll, Tlak'kahn
Veteran gate traveler Major Gus Bonner leads a group of trainees on a mission to rescue an alien worm creature, Draga, from bounty hunters, in hopes that she can unlock the mysteries of the Ancients.
Double Duty Double Duty 1.02 September 21, 2002 Dog's dream planet Thorn, Tlak'kahn Da'kyll, Tlak'kahn
Trapped on a jungle planet, the team is ambushed by the Tlak'khan as they attempt to learn about the contents of a chrysalis they possess. Eventually, they escape, as does the winged Ancient within the chrysalis.
Stargate Infinity - The Best World 017 The Best World 1.03 September 28, 2002 Mu'adash planet Mu'adash, Tlak'kahn Tlak'kahn
Arriving on a planet with a "Guide" stone, the team is attacked by the Tlak'khan, ultimately falling into a hellworld trap set by the Ancients where the Stargate has no controls, leaving them stranded.
Hrathi Coming Home 1.04 October 5, 2002 Hrath Hrathi, Tlak'kahn Tlak'kahn, Sheftu
As Gus sets out to return Ec'co to his home world, an electrical storm shorts out the Stargate and Gus and Ec'co are captured by the Hrathi. Meanwhile, the rest of the team cope with data crystals that turn out to be fake..


1.05 October 12, 2002 Mostari homeworld Mostari,Tlak'kahn Tlak'kahn
On a planet plagued by civil war, Gus and the trainees encounter Shepherd, a maverick former SG team leader who once inspired Gus. But soon, a betrayal of former friends leads the Tlak'khan to gain control of the trainees.
Stargate Infinity - Hot Water 003 Hot Water 1.06 October 19, 2002 Su'ri, Tlak'kahn Tlak'kahn
Harrison learns that bragging can backfire when he boasts about his swimming ability, then is forced into a dangerous underwater race on a planet almost completely covered with water.
Phobia Phobia 1.07 October 26, 2002 Tlak'kahn Tlak'kahn
When she panics upon discovering a spider web on a new planet made up of spiders, Stacey overreacts and injures an inhabitant, for which she is put on trial. To make matters worse, Tlak'khan warriors show up and attack.
Can I Keep It?

Can I Keep It?

1.08 November 2, 2002 Tlak'kahn Tlak'kahn
Seattle's adoption of an adorable alien creature as a pet seems like a great idea - until the creature grows overnight into a 200-pound, noisy, annoying problem.
Who are you Who Are You? 1.09 November 9, 2002 PR6-308 Sheftu Sheftu
When the team lands on a planet of shape-shifters, they must rely on their knowledge about each other's personality in order to know their real teammates from the alien shape-shifters who mean them harm.
Greed Greed 1.10 November 16, 2002 Narthek, Snis, Maglin, Gin'Tek, Fhork
Gus and Draga are captured by alien bounty hunters while the trainees search for diamonds. And when the bounty hunters begin fighting over their reward, Draga learns about the power of greed.
Stones Stones 1.11 November 23, 2002 Alteri planet Alteri
After Stacey loses a duel, she tries to use the power of the Mandros stones to enhance her strength and ability, but she soon becomes addicted to the stones' powerful effects.
Initiation Initiation 1.12 November 30, 2002 Rianna Makua N/A
Harrison becomes the voice of reason to a young alien who is trying to resist peer pressure during a dangerous tribal initiation.
The Mother of Invention The Mother of Invention 1.13 December 7, 2002 Ludan planet Ludan, Tlak'kahn Da'kyll, Tlak'kahn
Ec'co learns a tough lesson about lying when a clever female inventor deceives him so that she can obtain technology from the team.
Reality Reality 1.14 December 30, 2002 Tranquan planet Tranquan N/A
The team discovers a high-tech world where the citizens are addicted to Virtual Reality. It's now up to the team to protect this society from an electrical storm and bring them back to the real world.
Museum Museum 1.15 January 6, 2003 Museum builder
Upon finding an alien museum dedicated to Earth history, the team lands in the middle of a struggle between robotic Napoleon and Caesar characters.
Us and them

Us and Them

1.16 January 13, 2002 Otsorok Otsorok, Tlak'kahn Tlak'kahn
Draga is so excited to discover the Otsorok, a race of creatures that look like her, that she doesn't notice that the Otsorok dismiss her teammates as being inferior.
The Face of Evil The Face of Evil 1.17 January 20, 2003 Urson planet Tlak'kahn, Urson Arktos, Urson
The team joins the efforts of the citizens of a planet fighting the Tlak'kahn, only to find out that in this world, the Tlak'kahn are peaceful settlers being persecuted by the planet's inhabitants.
The Key

The Key

1.18 January 27, 2003 Rokari planet Rokari Commonality
When the team learns that a comet is headed straight for a planet they're visiting on which all communication is electronic, they also learn that the way to save this world is to decipher an obscure ancient text.
Chariot of the Sun

Chariot of the Sun

1.19 February 3, 2003 Ka'an Tlak'kahn Da'kyll
Headed for Earth on a spaceship they've "borrowed," the SG team learns to their shock that they are destined instead to land on Ka'an, the Tlak'kahn home world.
The Answer The Answer 1.20 February 10, 2003 Octasar Tlak'kahn Da'kyll
Dr. Keri Mason, an old friend of the SG team, is excited to report that a neuroscientist, Bre-Sal, has unlocked the key to telepathic communication, which could lead to universal peace, but it seems that Bre-Sal is involved with the Tlak'kahn..
The Lock The Look 1.21 February 17, 2003 Ro'malg planet Ro'malg Cabby, Kalimarian
The SG team arrives on an alien world where fashion rules - literally - since females risk their lives in order to obtain a rare type of luminous fern headdress.
Feet of Clay Feet of Clay 1.22 February 24, 2003 Mardan, Tlak'kahn Tlak'kahn
After the team helps the Mardans, an alien civilization, fight an epidemic, the Mardans turn them over to the Tlak'kahn, whom they admire. That is, until the Mardans discover how cruel the Tlak'kahn really are.
The Natural The Natural 1.23 March 3, 2003 Ha'rune planet Ha'rune, Ha'lapan Da'kyll
Harrison stops bragging about his natural flying ability when he realises that he's the only one of the trainees who can't learn how to ride the huge reptilian birds of prey used as mounts by an alien civilization.
Big Mistake Big Mistake 1.24 March 10, 2003 Motai planet Motai, Energy rock being Energy rock being
Seattle attempts to help the Motai, an alien race living on an arid planet, with a bold irrigation plan. But when her plan goes awry, it places the Motai and everyone else in peril.
The Illustrated Stacey The Illustrated Stacey 1.25 March 17, 2003 Ner'ald planet Ner'ald Dragon Serpent
After Stacey allows aliens to paint a beautiful design on her skin, she learns the horrifying truth: they haven't used paint, but rather, an alien microbe that's spreading over her entire body, causing it to change.
The Long Haul The Long Haul 1.26 March 24, 2003 Earth Sheftu, Tlak'kahn Nephestis, Da'kyll
Much to their surprise, a trip through a Stargate lands the team at an archaeological dig in the Yucatán, where a previously unknown Stargate has been uncovered. But an even nastier surprise comes as the officer sent to investigate the discovery is Nephestis, a shape-shifting traitor.




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