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Stargate Command is a multiplayer map in Stargate Resistance, which takes place in Stargate Command on Earth.


After many years, the System Lords have finally obtained a viable transmission key, which allows them to pass through Earth's Stargate and establish a firm foothold inside Stargate Command. They have already disabled primary iris control, assassinated all commanding officers capable of detonating the SGC's failsafe device, and must now defuse the device itself to ensure safe passage for the legions of their brethren waiting to enact furious devastation on the Tau'ri's home world.

The SGC's reserve forces have been called in to repulse this attack. They must fight their way through the System Lord's forces and secure the Stargate without losing control of the failsafe device: a massive explosive capable of flattening the facility; their last chance to stave off the System Lords should their mission fail.


Each side needs to capture the central capture point, then take the opposing side's objective point while holding their own objective. Capturing all three points accelerates that team's score. The other team can only break this by taking back their objective.


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