Stargate Atlantis / Stargate Universe Anthology Ongoing #3 is the third issue of American Mythology Productions' Stargate Atlantis / Stargate Universe Anthology original comics series.

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Celebrate the return of Chuck and Walter with an awesome story expanding their adventure from the Stargate Atlantis: Hearts & Minds arc! And the final part of Eli's Game delivers a look at life on Destiny and the bonds between this dysfunctional spacefaring family.

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The event depicted in "Stargate Universe: The Game, Part Three: Camile" takes place after season 2 of Stargate Universe.

The event depicted in "Chuck and Walter: The untold Story" takes place after Stargate Atlantis: Singularity.


In "The Game, Part Three: Camile", Dr. Nicholas Rush, Camile Wray, Colonel Everett Young, and Eli Wallace finish 'The Destiny Series of Poker' tournament, with Camile winning twelve games, Eli winning five, and Young and Rush tied at three wins. After the game, Lt. Matthew Scott calls the group up to the bridge.

In "Chuck and Walter: The untold Story", thirteen hours after Chuck and Walter get shaved and showered, the two are questioned by Major Hobart Dish, from the Department of Homeworld Security, Inspector General's office. After two more hours of telling their story about what happened to them on Walter's world about nine times, Major Dish finally get's the okay from General O'Neill that they finally tracked everyone down and he could send them home, revealing that this whole thing had just been to stall them. Chuck and Walter are allowed to leave the Stargate hub to their respective locations.

Chuck arrives on Atlantis to a "Welcome home, Chuck!" banner and gathering of John Sheppard, Richard P. Woolsey, Dr. Rodney McKay, Teyla Emmagan, Ronon Dex and Dr. Jennifer Keller.

Walter arrives in Stargate Command to a "Welcome Back, Walter!" gathering with Samantha Carter, Teal'c and others.


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