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Stargate Atlantis: The Third Path is the eighth novel in the Stargate Atlantis: Legacy series, which was written by Melissa Scott and Jo Graham. It was preceded by Stargate Atlantis: Unascended.

Publisher's Summary

New beginnings...

Elizabeth Weir and Ronon Dex are prisoners of the Vanir, whose damaged ship is plummeting into the mountains of Sateda. Meanwhile, Atlantis is in lock down, infected by a virulent contagion, cut off from the rest of the galaxy. And time is running out…

Helped by Dr. Daniel Jackson, Lt. Colonel Sheppard's team fight not only to save their city and free their friends, but ultimately to save an entire species from extinction. As tensions rise between the Wraith, the Travelers, and the Lanteans, old enemies — and long lost friends — must unite to walk a third path if the fragile peace in the Pegasus Galaxy is to hold.

In this riveting conclusion to the epic Legacy series, the destiny of Atlantis and her people will be decided.

Chronological Placement

The events depicted in this adventure take place after season five of Stargate Atlantis.

Publisher's Extract

An extract from chapter 2:

Elizabeth leaned forward from the seat behind the pilot's, her arms crossed around her middle. “Same old Rodney.”

“In some ways,” Teyla said. Of course Elizabeth was not aware of the silent conversation. She knew nothing of Rodney's experiences with the Wraith, or of how they had left him with the residual Wraith telepathy that allowed him to speak privately with her.

“What’s the date?”

Teyla looked around.

“The date,” Elizabeth said firmly. “What day is it?”

“According to the reckoning of your people, today is February 24, 2010,” Teyla replied.

Elizabeth sat back in her seat, nodding slowly. “February 24, 2010. The last things I remember were in June, 2007. Not quite three years.”

“Yes,” Teyla said. “That was when we lost you to the Asurans. You truly do not remember anything since then?”

“Not until a few weeks ago,” Elizabeth said. “When I was on Mazatla.” Her frown deepened. “I have no idea what happened between.”

“A great many things,” Teyla said ruefully. There were so many things Elizabeth had missed. The war between the Wraith and the Asurans. Atlantis’ return to Earth. The war against Queen Death. She did not even know that Torren existed. “I do not know where to begin.”


Dekaas, Seeker (Wraith), Ran

Notes of Interest


  • When rescuing Weir and Ronon from the wrecked Vanir spaceship, McKay states that he and Daniel were held in stasis for the trip between Atlantis and Janus' research outpost. As a result, they know to search the ship's stasis pods for the captives. However, in "First Contact", McKay and Daniel were held in a cell on the ship that carried them, not in stasis.
  • Elizabeth refers to Guide as Todd even though he was only named as such after the Battle of Asuras. However, it may be that she was told Todd's name during the events of "Ghost in the Machine".
  • When Dr Weir was preparing to return to Atlantis from Earth at the end of the novel, the SGC dialled 7 symbols instead of 8 symbols to connect directly to Atlantis. 7 symbol addresses are for interstellar dialling while 8 symbol addresses are for intergalactic dialling, I.e. Pegasus galaxy.
  • The novel constantly refers to the Asgard as the Milky Way Asgard regardless of the fact they lived in two galaxies over the course of SG-1, neither of them the Milky Way: Ida and Othala.
  • Sheppard says the Asgard did not give the Tau’ri warship schematics. This is untrue, as when the Asgard died, they gave us everything, all their collected knowledge and all their technology.

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