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Stargate Atlantis: The Lost is the second novel in the Stargate Atlantis: Legacy series, which was written by Amy Griswold and Jo Graham. It was preceded by Stargate Atlantis: Homecoming and followed by Stargate Atlantis: Allegiance.

Publishers Summary

Finders keepers…

Reeling from the terrible events of Stargate: AtlantisHomecoming’, the expedition team are doing whatever it takes to find Doctor Rodney McKay – even if it means turning to their enemies for help.

While Colonel Sheppard and Teyla seek information from Ladon Radim of the Genii – and pay a high price to secure his reluctant cooperation – Ronon and Doctor Keller reopen tense negotiations with their sometime-ally, Todd.

But as the balance of power begins to shift among the Wraith, Ronon and Keller struggle to ensure that they remain Todd's allies and don't become his hostages.

Meanwhile, far away, McKay is facing a fate more terrifying than anyone on Atlantis could possibly imagine...

Chronological Placement

The events depicted in this adventure take place after season five of Stargate Atlantis.

Publishers Extract

An extract from chapter 2:

Ronon dropped into the chair beside Radek, his water in his hand. “Dead world. Nobody lives there, but somebody dialed New Athos three times.” He took a gulp of his water. “Where’d they come from? If nobody lives there and they dialed New Athos three times, but nowhere else, those are our guys.”

“I don’t see…” Woolsey began.

“They came from a hive ship,” Teyla put in. “It is the logical conclusion. The ship remained in orbit around an uninhabited world while the Darts attacked New Athos. Once they had what they sought they returned through the gate and rejoined the hive ship. They did not dial anywhere else, and they are not still there.”

“Three times?”

Teyla nodded. “Once to scout, once to send the message that lured us to New Athos, and once to seize… their prize.” She could not quite bring herself to say, ‘to seize Rodney.’ That was too raw.

John sat up straight, his eyes meeting Woolsey's down the table. “If we get a jumper and go back…”

Woolsey frowned. “What will that give you?”

Radek glanced from one to the other, addressing himself to John rather than Woolsey. “The hive ship has certainly opened a hyperspace window. We did not detect them in orbit and they have had three days to go anywhere they wish. I do not think there is more information we can gain on M40-P36.”

John's hands opened and closed in frustration. “We have to,” he began tiredly.

“We have to find another means of intelligence,” Woolsey said.


“We will find Dr. McKay,” Woolsey said. “But if there’s no more information to be had this way, we need to find another way.”

Notes of Interest

  • Originally the novel was going to be called Stargate Atlantis: Legacy: The Missing.
  • In the novel, Carson Beckett suggests that the Wraith was not an accidental evolution of the Iratus Bug but rather a deliberate genetic engineering experiment made by the Ancients to create Humans immune to the insects but inadvertently created the Wraith as a result. He cites that the evolution of the Iratus Bug would have taken millions of years instead of thousands and that the Wraith have a close genetic relationship with Humans. This is an interesting point considering the fact that they only had seven million years for the evolution to take place, but that wouldn't account for the development of their technology.
  • In the Wraith Dust's retelling of current Atlantis history, it is shown that they superimpose their matriarchal culture in understanding human culture, interpreting Weir, Teyla and Carter as Queens with John Sheppard as their shared consort (along with reports that Carter has an older consort that they identify as 'Trickster') and Woolsey as one of Carter's blades. Another aspect that they impose is their naming conventions, which takes meaning of names more literally. For example,
    • Dr. Elizabeth Weir is She Who Is A High Place - "Weir" means a high place or locks that holds back water
    • Lt. Col. John Sheppard is Guide - "Sheppard" means a leader, in Milky Way culture, of livestock; in Pegasus cultures, it meaning is closer to a guide.
    • Teyla Emmagan is the Young Queen, as she is the second female leader of Atlantis according to Wraith matriarchal culture.
    • Col. Samantha Carter is She Who Carries Many Things - "Carter" being someone who carts many object around.
    • Richard Woolsey is Hairy - "Woolsey" being mistakenly close to "woolly", as in Woolly Mammoths that are thick with hair.


  • Queen Death's faction appears not to know the Stargate address to Atlantis despite the fact that they captured McKay in the first place by having a Wraith worshipper dial Atlantis and send a phony distress call.
  • When recalling the harrowing repair job of the hyperdrive array in Adrift, the term 'micrometeorite' was incorrectly used - interstellar matter only qualifies as a meteors, meteoroids or meteorite if they begin falling into a planet's atmosphere; if they remain floating in space they are asteroids, or 'microasteroids' as correctly said in the show by Dr Zelenka.

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