Second Time Sateda is a short story, which was published by Fandemonium in Stargate SG-1 / Atlantis: Homeworlds.


Word comes to Atlantis that there are Satedan refugees returning to their homeworld but Ronon has his doubts, the long established choice to refrain from returning to a culled world/settlement has protected thousands over the years from being easy pickings by Wraith scavenging former targets. The team decide to pay Sateda a visit to confirm the identity of these people and if required offer assistance. As they exit the gate they find themselves in a hell of screams and explosions as darts race across the skies and energy bots and gunfire ripple across the city.

Chronological Placement

This adventure takes place during season three of Stargate Atlantis.


An official extract from the short story:


The Player on the Other Side

“THAT’S strange,” Rodney McKay said.

John Sheppard straightened up abruptly. He'd been sprawled in one of the lab chairs for an hour, despite probably having work to do of his own, but Rodney wasn't about to take responsibility for John's time management. “Weird as in interesting, or weird as in deadly? We’ve had a lot of deadly lately.”

“Tell me about it,” Rodney said. “I nearly died not that long ago, remember?”

“But you didn’t.”

Rodney was not about to debate how traumatic his near-death experience with the Ascension device had been. In his opinion, all near-death experiences were traumatic, and the extent to which John took brushes with death in stride was borderline pathological. “Do you want to hear what’s strange or not?”

“I would like to hear what’s strange,” Elizabeth said, leaning in the doorway of the lab. Rodney straightened up in his own chair. He felt that he was skating on a certain amount of thin ice with Elizabeth since the other recent unfortunate incident involving what he had genuinely believed to be a computer game, but which had turned out to be an Ancient social experiment that controlled the lives of actual people.