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Stargate Atlantis: Rising was the first Stargate Atlantis novel to be published by Fandemonium, which was written by Sally Malcolm. The novel covered both parts of the Stargate Atlantis pilot episode, Rising.

Publishers Summary[]

Atlantis will rise again...

Following the discovery of an Ancient outpost buried deep in the Antarctic ice sheet, Stargate Command sends a new team of explorers through the Stargate to the distant Pegasus galaxy.

Emerging in an abandoned Ancient city, the team quickly confirms that they have found the Lost City of Atlantis. But, submerged beneath the sea on an alien planet, the city is in danger of catastrophic flooding unless it is raised to the surface. Things go from bad to worse when the team must confront a new enemy known as the Wraith who are bent on destroying Atlantis.

Stargate: Atlantis is the exciting new spin-off of the hit TV show, Stargate SG-1. Based on the script of the pilot episode, "Rising" is a must-read for all fans and includes deleted scenes and dialog not seen on TV – with photos from the pilot episode.

Publishers Extract[]

An extract from the prologue:

Weir stepped forward, and Daniel could see something burning bright in her eyes; he knew it was mirrored in his own. Excitement, the thrill of opening Pandora's box. “What are you saying, Dr. Jackson?”

He paused, just for an instant, just to relish the moment. “It’s an eight-symbol address,” he began. “What we’ve been looking for may be farther away than we ever imagined…” Weir was holding her breath, tense with expectation. Daniel smiled, “But not out of our reach.”

Even McKay seemed reluctantly impressed. “Atlantis?”

“Atlantis.” Daniel studied them both, making sure they comprehended the significance of what he was about to say. “And I think we can go there.”

The silence that followed told him they understood. Humanity was poised to take its first steps into a new galaxy, and they – these people standing before him – were destined to be in the vanguard of the most important voyage of discovery mankind had ever undertaken.

He envied them more than he could say.

Additional Scenes and Dialog[]

Below are scenes and dialogues, which were not included in the pilot episodes of Stargate Atlantis.

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