Stargate Atlantis: Meltdown, originally entitled Stargate Atlantis: Counterpoint, is an audiobook by Big Finish Productions, which was written by David A. McIntee.

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“I am a scientist, not a soldier. I always wanted to make things, and discover things, and find out important stuff about the universe and our place in it. I never wanted to end things. I especially never wanted to end the lives of people.”

An off-world mission goes awry for Dr Radek Zelenka when he finds himself trapped in a decrepit Genii power station. Cut off from the rest of his team and from communication with Atlantis, his only hope for survival is opening a dialogue with the enemy. But will he be able to do that before a catastrophic nuclear meltdown?

Authors NoteEdit

Why a Zelenka story? Cos he's cool.

No, really; so many of the scientist characters in SF are really one-note characters. They have brains, knowledge of absolutely everything, and a quirk that tends to define the character, and that's it.

Zelenka doesn't, because he worked his way up from the ranks. Up from a bit-part player for McKay to be snarky with, to a scene-stealing, always surprising and watchable, support. And finally to a character who can hold a show together.

His background's a bit of an interesting mystery, he doesn't always get everything right, and that makes him more real. And being more real makes him more interesting.

A lot of this - given that the role was very small to start with - is down to David Nykl, who has taken this bit-part character and stolen scenes, made him watchable and brought him to the point where he can carry a show on his own and make it fabulous...

That's why a Zelenka story.

Chronological PlacementEdit

This story is set during season 2 of Stargate Atlantis, shortly before Coup D'etat.


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Genii; Radiation; Radiation suit; Sorth; Daedalus; Rodney McKay; Lieutenant Peter McCray; McCray's Atlantis Reconnaissance Team; Sergeant Tanaka

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