Stargate Atlantis: Going Home is a short story, which was published by Fandemonium in Stargate SG-1 / Atlantis: Homeworlds.


John, Teyla, Ronon and Rodney are back on Earth to be debriefed by the IOA and General O'Neill arranges some R&R but before they can indulge he asks them to do some field work. The SGC is under lock down thanks to an alien infection so the Atlantis team is all they have with the required clearance, the mission to locate and secure a scientist named Dr. Acuna who lives in New York.

Chronological Placement

This adventure takes place during season four of Stargate Atlantis, after the episode Midway.


An official extract from the short story:


Going Home

“ARE YOU sure this is safe?” Teyla Emmagan stared with some concern at the dark, dank underground entrance. The steps leading down to it were chipped and cracked and in many places discolored, and at its base she saw a shadowy figure huddled either in distress or perhaps lying in wait for the unwary. She shuddered and looked away.

“Yes, it’s safe,” John Sheppard growled. “It’s perfectly safe. It’s a thousand times safer than flying around in a Jumper, that’s for sure.”

“I can clear any obstacles,” Ronon offered, drawing his pistol.

Sheppard grabbed his wrist before he could completely free the long-barreled weapon from the confines of his coat. “How do you even have that?” he demanded, keeping his voice down and his body angled to block any passers-by from spotting the pistol. “We were supposed to leave any weapons behind.”

Ronon stared down at him, the hint of a sneer showing through his short beard. “I told them I would kill them if they tried to take my weapon from me. They wisely chose not to insist.”

Sheppard groaned and rubbed at his forehead. “Why did I think this would be a good idea?”

Behind him, he heard an all too familiar snort. “I’ll confess, I have absolutely no idea,” McKay replied. “But considering I don’t have any personal stake in this, I’m finding it absolutely priceless.” Rodney's smirk was significantly less subtle than Ronon's. “By all means, continue trying to tame the wild beast you thought it would be fun to take out on a walk through the city.” Ronon directed his glare at Rodney. “Call me a beast again and I will show you exactly what —” “Calm down. He’s just messing with you. Like usual.” Though, much as Sheppard hated to admit it, Rodney did have a point. Bringing Ronon and Teyla here was starting to look like a truly disastrous plan.

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