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Stargate Atlantis: Gateways # 3 is the third issue in the Stargate Atlantis: Gateways comic series by American Mythology Productions.

Publisher's Summary[]

As STARGATE ATLANTIS: GATEWAYS comes to its crashing conclusion, the team deals with the aftermath of the alien attack on Atlantis and Janus’ escape into the Pegasus galaxy. Deliberately mentally altered by his own hand, can one of the Ancients greatest minds be stopped now that he has turned against the humans? Available with a Main cover by painter Jon Pinto, Subscription variant cover by Andrew Mangum, SGA Photo Cover, and a special Retailer Incentive Photo Flashback cover.


In Atlantis, Dr. Beckett and the other medical doctors work to treat the wounded from the Alien's attack. It's noted that the alien's only used stunners, a change in tactic, which makes Dr. Daniel Jackson believe they wanted something. Dr. Rodney McKay is able to get the Control crystal to activate, but the only way to know if it actually works would be to dial Earth, however that requires a new Zero Point Module. Major Evan Lorne then informs Woolsey that Todd, Janus and Shen Xiaoyi are missing.

Later in a Genii holding cell, Shen and Todd talk about his time on Earth. Janus interrupts and takes Shen away.

Back in Atlantis, Colonel Carter informs Woolsey that the incoming wormhole the Aliens came through had connected normally instead of just appearing, meaning the Alien's may still be in their reality, but Woolsey still has doubts. In the gate room, Chuck discovers the mud footprints left behind by the aliens are radioactive. Carter also adds that the mudd also contains fertilizer. This leads Sheppard to the conclusion that it must have come from the Genii homeworld.

Meanwhile, Janus plots to have his revenge on Sheppard for the death of Dr. Elizabeth Weir, as well as eradicating the Wraith. Shen attempts to attack him but it quickly thwarted. She is then brought back to her cell to be exchanged with Todd.

Later, Rodney and Radek present the McKay/Zelenka Attero device, an altered Attero device that will disintegrate the aliens that pass through the event horizon. The device is proved a success when Aliens attempted to pass through that Stargate and are killed.

Back on the Genii homeworld, Janus experiments on the wraith, but Todd manages to get away. He goes back for Shen and frees her from her cell. Sheppard's team, lead by Ladon Radim and the Genii, find a way inside. They meet up with Todd and Shen and the group splits up; Radim and the Genii staying to fight for their people, Teyla Emmagan and Dr. McKay take Shen to the Daedalus, and Todd, Ronon and Sheppard go after Janus.

At the Stargate, a fire fight ensues, but Janus is protected by a shield and manages to escape. Todd runs after him, and Sheppard gets hit in the arm.

On Atlantis, the expedition is able to reconnect with Earth, and arrangements are made to send back the Stargate Command personnel, Sam Carter, Walter Harriman and Chuck.

Meanwhile, an Alien recognizes that Janus isn't the same Janus that was his kind's creator, but his programming forces him to do what the Lantean says. Janus then order's his kind to continue their mission of eliminating the Wraith across any reality and allows them to use any resources, (planets, populations and materials) they require for the next phase. He also gives them the directive that any personnel that are currently in Atlantis are expendable, except Sheppard, as he wants to deal with him personally.

Variant Covers[]


  • When the Unknown Alien talked with Janus, he observed him with text in the Ancient language. When translated they read:
    (obscured)jece lovevl normal
    (obscured)us overload
    no kill converse and communication humana
    servant mode
    ready arms no
    allow conversion to continue
    situation steady and nil

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