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Stargate Atlantis: Gateways # 1 is the first issue in the Stargate Atlantis Gateways portion of the Stargate Atlantis comic series by American Mythology Productions.

Publisher's Summary

Janus, one of the most brilliant Ancients, is alive and willing to do almost anything to wipe out the Wraith once and for all. As the new alien threat continues to manifest, you'd think that would make him an ally... but you'd be wrong! Continuing the action and intrigue of Stargate Atlantis: Back To Pegasus. Main cover by Matt Wieringo, Subscription variant cover by Ken Haeser & Buz, and SGA Photo and Retailer Incentive Photo Flashback covers.

Chronological Placement

The events depicted in this adventure take place after Stargate Atlantis: Back to Pegasus series, which took place after season five of Stargate Atlantis.

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