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Stargate Atlantis: Back to Pegasus # 1 is the first issue in the Stargate Atlantis Back to Pegasus portion of the Stargate Atlantis comic series by American Mythology Productions.

Publisher's Summary[]

Stargate: Atlantis is back with a brand new monthly comic book series that continues the television series continuity and is jam packed with fun extras! Comic illustrating legend, Greg LaRocque (Flash Return of Barry Allen, Web of Spider-Man), joins the team of Mark L. Haynes and J.C. Vaughn (Fox's 24) to deliver the next official chapter in Stargate: Atlantis mythology. Following the destruction of the Super-hive ship, Atlantis and her crew find themselves stranded on Earth. But a startling discovery sends the team in search of a new Gate system and reveals that the horrors of the Pegasus Galaxy are not far away. A new threat rises to challenge the crew and stop the city from returning to its rightful place. Come with us on this new comic book season of Stargate Atlantis and join the fight to get #BackToPegasus!

Chronological Placement[]

The events depicted in this adventure take place three months after season five of Stargate Atlantis. These events also take place two weeks after Anthology 1's story "The Other Guys".


The story starts out with previously on Atlantis with scenes from the episodes Rising, First Contact, The Daedalus Variations, and Enemy at the Gate.

The story then picks up thee months later at the Pegasus Alpha Site on MGX-482.

The Stargate for the planet that houses the Pegasus Alpha Site actives and gray skinned aliens come through the gate and start attacking the base. Ronon DexTeyla Emmagan,and others who have returned to Pegasus on the Daedalus, leave from the operations center to help. As Dr. Radek Zelenka arrives in a cloaked Puddle Jumper, he is shot down. The remaining group has to survive for four days until the Daedalus arrives and then it's a week before they can get to a planet with a gate.

Atlantis, Earth, Milkyway: Richard Woolsey informs Colonel John Sheppard that the International Oversight Advisory may not let Atlantis return to Pegasus because it's Earth's best defense with the Earth control chair having been destroyed by the Wraith. As the Zero Point Modules are reconnected to the main grid, the Stargate activates without chevron locking or a vortex appearing. They pick up a radio call from SG-1 since the Atlantis gate is a Pegasus model and it takes priority over a Milky Way gate.  

Alpha Site, Pegasus: The Atlantis team witnesses the aliens coming and going through the gate's event horizon at the same time.Dr. Zelenka says that this is impossible however based on what is known about wormhole physics. He wonders if instead of being a wormhole, if it could be a gateway between realities. The team end up getting backed into a corner by the aliens. Just as is seems like there no escape, the team is beamed up to the Daedalus. Teyla says that they need to warn Atlantis. Col. Steven Caldwell informs them that Stargate at the Alpha site is the only one the can dial to Earth. The only other way to contact Earth, would be to return to the Milky way via the Daedalus, which would take days. Zelenka says they could make another attempt to get the Earth crystal.  

Atlantis, Earth: Woolsey tells Col. Carter that since the Atlantis stargate take priorty over the SGC gate, it is a good reason to have Atlantis return to the Pegasus Galaxy. Gen. Jack O'Neill tells Woolesy to wait. All we see on the monitor however, is a floating mug because he is invisible do to a Furling power cell triggering residual particles left in his body from the time that Col. Carter made him invisible. He tells them that the I.O.A wants Atlantis to stay in order to protect Earth. The General then orders Col. Carter to relocate the Stargate Command staff to Atlantis.

Alpha Site, Pegasus:The team returns from the Daedalus and pushes the aliens back through the Stargate. As Zelenka starts working on the crystal, an incoming wormhole connects and some Genii come through lead by Ladon Radim. When asked about what he is doing there, he informs them that unknown aliens have taken control of the Genii homeworld. He is asked what they look like. Radim points to the grey skinned aliens on the ground and tells the Atlantis team that they look like that.

Atlantis, Earth: Rodney McKay's firewall computer is breached and an update from an unknown source attempts to load into the Stargate and some of it makes it into the system. The data that gets downloaded is a handful of new gate addresses and some new subroutines. The gate then starts to dial and they can't abort it. After the wormhole is established, Woolsey orders a MALP to investigate. He tells Col. Carter that if they find another control chair, then Atlantis should be allowed to return to Pegasus. When the MALP telemetry data comes back, they see a room with five Stargates. Woolsey then has them investigate what is at the other end. After they exit on the other side, they discover that they are in a room that is a hub with multiple Stargates around an area in the center of the room. McKay notices that the symbols on one of the Stargates match some of the symbols that were uploaded to the Atlantis gate. In response to their request for assistance, Dr. Daniel Jackson joins them. McKay touches something and the power goes down.

Atlantis, Earth: McKay's firewall is once again breached, and an outbound wormhole is created.

Alpha Site, Pegasus: The team there raises the Stargate shield. Upon discovering that the Earth Control crystal is damaged beyond repair, they head to P4C-151 on board the Daedalus.

Gate Hub: McKay informs the team that the programming that controls the demolecularization process and matter stream transmission is gone and as a result they are trapped there.

To Be Continued........


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