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A brilliant archaeologist and a fearless military man lead a team through the ancient Stargate and discover a planet where the humans are enslaved by the Egyptian god Ra.

Differences Between Stargate SG-1 and StarGate ContinuityEdit

Notable Differences Between Stargate SG-1 and StarGate Continuity seen in the novelization of the film:

  • In SG-1, Col. Jack O'Neill, USAF is referred to as Col. Jonathan "Jack" O'Neil, USMC.
  • In SG-1. Mjr. Charles Kowalski is referred to as Lt. Col. Adam Kawalsky.
  • In SG-1, blast-lances are referred to as Staff weapons.
  • In SG-1, quartz-crystal, quartzose ore, quartzite, or golden quartz is referred to as Naquadah.
  • Daniel meets Catherine in his apartment, when he finds her there when he gets home, rather than in her car in the rain.
  • Jack lives in Yuma, Arizona, with Sarah before joining the StarGate project.
  • In the original film, the Gate's destination is in the Kaliem Galaxy. In the novelization, it is in the Cirrian Galaxy. In SG-1 continuity, Abydos is located in the Milky Way Galaxy and is one of the closest planets to Earth in the Stargate network.
  • In SG-1, the Stargate is under Cheyenne Mountain, whereas here (and in the film), the location is given as Creek Mountain.
  • In SG-1, the film and novelization's "Sha'uri" becomes "Sha're." In this series, it stays "Sha'uri."
  • In the original film and SG-1 continuities, Ra had only Horus and Anubis guards. In the novelization, he is noted as having had (in the past), created Khnum, Sebak, Apis, Hathor, Ammit, and other human henchmen as well out of his followers, just as with Horus and Anubis.
  • The novelization describes Ra's home planet as having been where everyone died out, hence his needing to get into a new body, which was a process that he himself had perfected.
  • SG-1 refers to flying vehicles used by Goa'uld pilots as "Death Gliders," whereas the novelization gives them the name "udajeets."
  • SG-1 refers to the planet as Abydos and the natives as Abydans. The novelization refers to the settlement as Nagada and the natives as Nagadans, never using the term "Abydos" at all.
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