Stargate began with a movie. The series Stargate SG-1 followed.

The Plot

The movie, Stargate, begins with a quick flashback to an archeological site in Giza, Egypt in 1928 with the discovery of a large (10 meters in diameter?) ring that has been protected by coverstones. The action then moves to the present (1994 when the movie was made). Daniel Jackson is proposing unpopular theories about the building of the pyramids and is offered a chance to prove his theories in a job with the U.S. Air Force translating ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Jack O'Neill is a reactivated Air Force (see episode? for information about why he retired) who is being recalled to active service.

Dr Jackson is able to make some key changes to the translations on the coverstone and stargate that allow the people who have been researching it to figure out how to activate the stargate, creating a wormhole between it and another stargate on the "far side of the known universe". After sending through an initial probe, Colonel O'Neill leads a team including Daniel whose role is to help them return through the stargate.

More to be added later including a movie spoiler with information about what happens to our travelers.

(rated PG-13, approximately 120 minutes)

The Cast

The original movie had a different actors playing some of the key roles than in the later series.

Kurt Russell Col. Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill *
James Spader Dr. Daniel Jackson
Jaye Davidson Ra
Viveca Lindfors Catherine
Alexis Cruz Skaara
Mili Avital Sha'uri
Leon Rippy General W. O. West
John Diehl Lieutenant Kawalsky
Carlos Lauchu Anubis **
Djimon Horus **
Erick Avaril Kasuf
French Stewart Lieutenant Feretti
Gianin Loffler Nabeh
Gianin Loffler Lieutenant Freeman
Derek Webster Lieutenant Brown
Jack Moore Lieutenant Relly
Steve Giannelli Lieutenant Porro
David Pressman Assistant Lieutenant
Scott Smith Officer
Cecil Hoffman Sarah O'Neil *
Rae Allen Barbara Shore
Richard Kind Gary Meyers
John Storey Mitch
Lee Taylor-Allan Jenny
Kelly Vint young Catherine (Caterina)
George Gray Technician
Erik Holland Professor Langford
Nick Wilder Foreman Taylor
Sayed Badreya Arabic Interpreter

* Jack O'Neill's name is spelled with only one L in the original movie, but with two in the series.

* Although two of Ra's guards are credited as Anubis and Horus (referring to their helmets which are in those shapes), when brought into Stargate SG-1's continuity, they are really Jaffa guards and not as credited.


The following credits are incomplete.
Casting by April Webster, C.S.A.
Music by David Arnold
Digital and visual effects supervisor: Jeffrey A. Okun
Special creature effects created by Patrick Tatopoulos
Costume designer: Joseph Porro
Edited by Michael J. Duthie and Derek Brechin
Production designer: Holger Gross
Director of photography: Karl Walter Lindenlaub, BVK
Co-Producer: Ute Emmerich
Executive Producer: Mario Kassar
Written by Dean Devlin & Roland Emmerich
Produced by Joel B. Michaels, Oliver Eberle, Dean Devlin
Directed by Roland Emmerich


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