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Stargate: Rebellion is a novel by Bill McCay. It is the first in a series of novels by the same author, continuing the story of the original film. The novel was also adapted into a comic book mini-series, the Stargate: Rebellion trilogy by Entity Comics. The novel also shares continuity with some of the comics by that publisher.

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Ra is dead! Long live freedom!

When the crack team of scientists and soldiers entered the Stargate, armed rebellion on a planet millions of light-years away was the last thing on their minds. Now that it's started, no one can ignore it; not commando Jack O'Neil, not renegade Egyptologist Daniel Jackson, and most of all not the newly freed people of Abydos. But both the U.S. Army and Ra's vicious successor, Hathor, have other ideas for the...


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The German cover.


General West arranges for a return trip to Abydos, to set up a mining operation to procure large quantities of that Quartz-like mineral which was sampled on the first mission through the StarGate. He contracts the UMC to handle the operation, and he sends Jack O'Neil and his former team back through to supervise.

However, things take a turn for the worse when the UMC fails to respect the Abydan culture, treating them like savages and dubbing them "Abbadabbas", also pushing them to work in the mines for little compensation. Tension rises as Skaara trains his own army, with the intent of using the StarGate to travel to other worlds and free them from the remnants of Ra's empire. UMC fears that Skaara's militia will form a rebellion.

Meanwhile, Hathor, one of Ra's lieutenants from ancient times, has awoken after being in suspended animation for thousands of years. She finds Ra's empire much eroded from the one she knows, and seeks to pick up the pieces and become ruler herself.



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