Stargate: One Nation Under Ra is a standalone comic which is set after the Stargate film, and also after the Stargate: Doomsday World trilogy, but in a different universe than Stargate SG-1.

Publishers SummaryEdit

An electrical storm above Creek Mountain forces Dr. Murphy's outbound wormhole to Abydos to transfer to another planet still ruled by a very-much-alive and vengeance-seeking Sun God!


Dr. Joel Murphy returns from Abydos, where Dr. Daniel Jackson filled in some gaps in Dr. Murphy's data about the Stargate and the quartz-like material it's made of. He plans on returning immediately with survival gear for Dr. Jackson. Although his new assistant Katerina Moffat advises him to wait due to the severe electrical storm outside of the Stargate facility in Creek Mountain, Dr. Murphy insists on travelling through the Stargate to Abydos. Upon reaching the other side of the Stargate, Dr. Murphy finds himself upon a platform in the middle of a large, opulent city rather than in the center of the pyramid on Abydos. The city resembles Ancient Egypt, but on a much larger, high-tech scale. Dr. Murphy deduces that the electrical storm did have an effect on the operation of the Stargate, and that he is on an entirely different planet. After noticing a large spacecraft identical to Ra's flying palace, he hears loud voices closing on his position. As he is a stranger from the Stargate, a group of Horus Guards attempt to capture him and bring him to "Ra." Dr. Murphy escapes into a crowd of people, plans on biding his time until he can use the Stargate to get back to Earth. As he dashes through the crowd, he accidentally knocks over a young woman. As he apologizes and continues to run away, a large man walks over to the woman. Her name is Shaun'tra, the leader of this world's rebellion against this "Ra," and the man is Moh-tahn, her faithful friend and confidant. Shaun'tra suspects that this "Ra" is an impostor, but is every bit as ruthless as the true Ra and must be deposed. Meanwhile, Dr. Murphy continues to evade capture, but is hunted by the same type of alien warrior he faced on the Island of Doom. He conjectures that this world is their home planet. Using the survival gear intended for Dr. Jackson on Abydos, Dr. Murphy attempts to hide in an approaching sandstorm. The alien warrior is able to discover him, however, and succeeds in capturing Dr. Murphy. Elsewhere, in the city, Shaun'tra decides that now is the time to organize their revolt against the impostor Ra. Back in false Ra's palace, Dr. Murphy is brought before him. Murphy tells the impostor that he knows that the real Ra is dead, and that the ruler standing before him is a fake. The impostor admits to this charge, and says his name is Pharat-kah, Ra's successor. When Ra never returned from Abydos, Pharat-kah knew that the world he was on would be thrown into chaos if they discovered that Ra was dead. He set himself up as Ra, claiming to have returned from Abydos. His story is interrupted, however, as the revolt led by Shaun'tra begins, and the palace is attacked. Dr. Murphy is released by Shaun'tra, and makes his way to the Stargate, escaping through it to Earth moments before it is obliterated by the sandstorm and the angry rebels.

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