Stargate: Doomsday World 2 is the second comic in the Stargate: Doomsday World trilogy which is set after the Stargate film but in a different universe than Stargate SG-1.

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A second Stargate is detected in the South Pacific, and a new Stargate team must deactivate it before radiation poisons all of Earth. U.S. Commander Alexandria Klaus manages to defeat the fierce Guardian from RA's army but sustains heavy casualties and it's only a matter of time before more alien reinforcements arrive! And who is the beautiful red-robed native on the other side of the gate...and can she be trusted?


With the StarGate partially buried under tons of rock, the team decides that their primary objective of moving it is impossible as they lack the necessary excavation materials. With the alien attack, they realize that it is possible that more aliens may come through, and pose a threat to Earth and its inhabitants. Dr. Murphy is ordered to find a way to permanently seal the StarGate, or they will have to fall back on their final back-up plan, which is to drop nuclear bombs on the island. Dr. Murphy examines the StarGate, and discovers that it is different than the 'Gate in Creek Mountain; it is most likely a prototype, and as such it operates differently.

The team soon discovers that the island is inhabited when the natives, led by a woman named Regalia, tells them to leave the island or they will attack Dr. Murphy and Commander Klaus' team in defense of the "Great Gift of Ra." Commander Klaus attempts to explain the dire nature of the Stargate and the danger that it poses, but Regalia remains unconvinced. A fight breaks out between the two groups, and Dr. Murphy goes back to the StarGate to see what he can do to shut it down for good. Upon arrival, he finds another team member already attempting to do the same, but the soldier accidentally activates the Stargate and gets sucked through. The StarGate shuts off and Dr. Murphy begins his work, until the StarGate is activated again...from the other side. Another alien warrior, identical to the original guardian, emerges from the StarGate, and Regalia breaks off her fight to greet the "Herald of Ra."

Her greeting is met with a blast from the alien warrior's weapons, and Regalia decides that maybe Commander Klaus was right about the danger from the StarGate. Dr. Murphy is able to stop the warrior by sending an electronic signal to the prototype StarGate, which activates the StarGate and causes it to attract objects made from the same mineral as itself. The alien warrior is sucked back through the StarGate, but it malfunctions and closes while it is only halfway through. Commander Klaus is concerned that the half of the warrior sent back to its origin might be regarded as an act of war. They decide that the situation has escalated too far, and that the only option left is to nuke the island.

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