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Stargate: Daniel Jackson # 1 was the first issue in a four part miniseries by Dynamite Entertainment.

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Dynamite opens the Stargate ... again!

This time around, we're featuring fan-favorite character Daniel Jackson as he heads off world (thru a Stargate of course) to explore a seemingly primitive planet, with deadly treasure and danger all around!


After a mission goes wrong due to Colonel Cameron Mitchell, SG-1 returns to Stargate Command. Dr. Daniel Jackson is approached by Sgt. Ballard who gives him a shard of an artifact that contains part of a Stargate address, that he found while he was on tour in Iraq. Jackson decides to research further and heads to Iraq to find out more.

During his investigation, he is suggested to find Dr. Haithem Aziz, who may be of help. When he finds him and shows him a picture of the shard, Aziz tells him it's a part of the Gilgamesh Vessel. He becomes suspicious of Daniel and holds a gun on him, they're then interrupted by a group of men who want to kill them. However, just before they're shot, the two are beamed aboard the Daedalus.

Dr. Aziz informs Daniel of the Gilgamesh Vessel's destruction during the raid of Baghdad's museum. However, he kept detailed notes and photos in his old office, which Daniel and Vala Mal Doran manage to obtain. Afterward, Daniel translates the Ancient language on the Vessel which tells of an island of treasure created by the gods. Daniel is reluctant to let Vala and Cameron come and so he doesn't tell his team that he knows it. Instead, he privately asks Major General Henry Landry if he could go to the planet alone, which he allows.

When Daniel steps through the gate, he finds himself confronted by a group of armed humans and Jaffa.


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