The soundtrack's cover.

The Stargate: Continuum soundtrack is a one-disk collection of 24 tracks, composed by Joel Goldsmith, from Stargate: Continuum. The CD is approximately 55 minutes in length and was created by a symphony orchestra and choir. It was released on August 12, 2008. The score has many highlights and is accompanied by an amazing 24-page, full color booklet that includes articles by Brad Wright, Robert C. Cooper, Martin Wood, and Joel Goldsmith. Also included is original artwork designed by the FreeClyde team and exclusive photography from the film.


  1. A Day At S.G.C.
  2. The List
  3. Murderer Of Untold Millions
  4. The Achilles Commandeered
  5. The Last Of The System Lords
  6. For The Good Of Others
  7. The Sinking Of The Achilles
  8. Endless Horizons
  9. Breaking The Ice
  10. New Identities
  11. Baal Divided
  12. Bring A God To Tears
  13. Daniel's Book
  14. Al'kesh Invasion
  15. Photograph
  16. Apophis
  17. The Armada
  18. Quetesh Takes Over
  19. Battle Over The Ocean
  20. The Machine
  21. Fall Of The Heroes
  22. End Of The Reign
  23. The Extraction
  24. O'Neill Buys Lunch / End Title Reprise

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