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"Greetings from Earth, Dr. Jackson."

"Oooh, how we gonna get outta this one Captain? Oh, I don't know, something to do with a tachyon emitter."
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Star Trek was a science fiction television series created on Earth in the late 1960s by Gene Roddenberry. Though it achieved little success in its original run, it inspired several films and spin-off series years later.

The series has had a huge impact on Earth culture and jargon. For example, humans of the Tau'ri often refer to the act of using Asgard teleportation technology as "beaming." Dr. Simon Coombs, a scientist working at Stargate Command, is an obsessed fan of the series. (SG1: "The Other Guys")

Martin Lloyd had plagiarized Star Trek as part of a plot for the proposed TV movie of Wormhole X-Treme!. (SG1: "200")



Star Trek

SG-1 members playing the crew of the Starship Enterprise.


  • When Major John Sheppard has an Iratus bug attached to him, Dr. Carson Beckett says to Sheppard: "I'm told you have something of a cling-on", immediately realising his reference to the Star Trek species Klingon. (SGA: "Thirty-Eight Minutes")
  • Major John Sheppard compares Dr. Carson Beckett trepidation about going through the Stargate to Dr. McCoy's aversion to beaming. (SGA: "Poisoning the Well")
  • Beckett makes comments similar to McCoy's famous "I'm a doctor, not a..." lines. (SGA: "The Storm", "The Eye")
  • Sheppard says "Alright -- let's remember where we parked," after activating a Puddle Jumper's cloak. This is similar to a scene in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, where Kirk tells the crew to remember where they parked a cloaked Klingon Bird of Prey in Golden Gate Park, in 1986. Later, after a Wraith takes their Jumper and Sheppard describes it as "his ship", Dr. Rodney McKay asks if Sheppard is Captain Kirk. (SGA: "The Defiant One")
  • McKay compares Sheppard romantic behavior towards Chaya Sar to Captain Kirk's tendency to have romantic relationships with various alien women. After learning that Chaya does have feelings for Sheppard, McKay defeatedly proclaims that Sheppard is Kirk. (SGA: "Sanctuary")
  • While thinking of new names for the Hippaforalkus, Sheppard immediately says that Enterprise will not be a name for the vessel. (SGA: "Inferno")
  • While suspecting that Sheppard is hitting on his sister, McKay calls Sheppard "Kirk" to make him aware of what he's doing. (SGA: "McKay and Mrs. Miller")
  • Dr. Graydon says that "One of these days I'm just going to call him Doctor McCoy" when talking about McKay. (SGA: "Submersion")
  • Upon learning that he is the antagonist in several peoples' nightmares, Sheppard asks if he appeared with a goatee, again referencing Star Trek's mirror universe. (SGA: "Doppelganger")
  • Richard P. Woolsey compares the Coalition of Planets (a new interplanetary government in the Pegasus galaxy) to a Federation. McKay notes that the Federation had ships, which is a reference to Star Trek, in which Earth is a part of the United Federation of Planets. (SGA: "Inquisition")
  • Richard P. Woolsey tells Dr. Beckett to "take her out" referring to the spacedock from the StarTrek films and series. (SGA: "Enemy at the Gate")
  • In an alternate reality, Dr. Rodney McKay makes reference to Star Trek: The Experience, and its ending, in regards to the possibility that a Wraith took up a job as a Klingon there. Dr. Radek Zelenka was upset to hear of its closing, as he was keen on seeing the exhibit. Robert Picardo, who also appears in the episode, played the role of the Doctor in Star Trek: The Experience (SGA: "Vegas")


  • Eli Wallace claims his mother "Can barely follow an episode of Star Trek." (SGU: "Earth")
  • Upon encountering the planet Eden not in Destiny's database, Eli references the Genesis Device from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. (SGU: "Faith")
  • Colonel Everett Young compared himself to Captain Kirk after offering to let Camile Wray sit in Destiny 's command chair. (SGU: "Blockade")
  • In the episode "Twin Destinies" Season 2, Ep 12, Rush is accidentally sent back 12 hours into the past by a solar flare because of a failed attempt to dial earth inside a star, along with Destiny He took the opportunity to stop the crew from making the same mistake. They looted the Destiny from the future of it's supplies and power conduits because they needed to fix the ship and were running out of supplies.

Right before they went to gather supplies, Adam Brody shows the crew what the power conduit parts look like and Greer asks "What do ya call those things?" and Brody says "I don't know... things that make it go?". This is a reference to Star Trek:TNG, the episode "Samaritan Snare" Season 2, ep 17 where the Pakled's attempt to kidnap Geordi under the false pretense their ship the "Mondor" is broken, but they sabotaged their ship themselves. Riker inquired about what their needs are and their real purpose for sending a distress call to the USS Enterprise D, but all Pakled's said was "We look for things... things that make us go". This is indicating to the situation the crew are in being stuck on Destiny far from home, it was Brody's way of trying to express how he and the crew hate being stuck on Destiny and miss being home on earth.

Behind the scenes[]

Many actors from the Star Trek series have guest starred on the Stargate series. They include:

Actor/Actress Stargate character Star Trek character
Tony Amendola Bra'tac Bra'tac 120?cb=20060609010020&path-prefix=en Chorus #3
David Andrews Se'tak Se'tak 120px-Lorian.jpg Lorian
Rene Auberjonois Alar Alar 120?cb=20120329225448&path-prefix=en Odo
Erick Avari Kasuf Kasuf 120px-Jamin.jpg Jamin, Vedek Yarka, B'iJik
John Billingsley Simon Coombs Dr. Simon Coombs 120?cb=20120330003138&path-prefix=en Phlox
Jolene Blalock Ishta Ishta 120?cb=20061207232527&path-prefix=en T'Pol
Ron Canada Quartus Quartus 120?cb=20211016201841&path-prefix=en Martin Benbeck, Ch'Pok, Fesek
Frank Collison Keturah Keturah 120px-Dolak.jpg Gul Dolak
Ronny Cox Robert Kinsey Robert Kinsey 120?cb=20140805213245&path-prefix=en Edward Jellico
Steven Culp Henry Wallace Henry Wallace 140px-J._Hayes.jpg J.Hayes
Nicole de Boer Alison Porter Dr. Alison Porter 120?cb=20200609080506&path-prefix=en Ezri Dax
John de Lancie Frank Simmons Colonel Frank Simmons 120?cb=20111213111353&path-prefix=en Q
Louis Ferreira Everett Young Colonel Everett Young 120px-Trevis.jpg Trevis
Robert Foxworth Ashwan Ashwan 120?cb=20120330003656&path-prefix=en V'Las, Admiral Leyton
Willie Garson Lloyd Martin Martin Lloyd 120px-Riga.jpg Riga
Vincent Hammond Ruax Ruax, Unas Elder, Big One 120?cb=20100114210812&path-prefix=en Huge Alien
Christopher Heyerdahl Halling Halling, Todd and others 120?cb=20201029130118&path-prefix=en Wen
Elizabeth Hoffman Catherine Langford Catherine Langford 120px-Bhavani.jpg Bhavani
Robert Knepper Simeon Simeon 140px-Gaul.jpg Gaul, Wyatt Miller
Rod Loomis Osric Osric 120?cb=20150811012915&path-prefix=en Paul Manheim
Scott MacDonald Golan Jorlath Golan Jarlath 120?cb=20050104212523&path-prefix=en Dolim, N'Vek and others
Brian Markinson Lotan Lotan 120?cb=20110410151249&path-prefix=en Elias Giger, Pete Durst, Vorin
Dakin Matthews Maz'rai Maz'rai 140px-Patterson.jpg Patterson
Christopher McDonald Alan Armstrong Senator Alan Armstrong 120px-Richard_Castillo.jpg Richard Castillo
Paul McGillion Carson Beckett Dr. Carson Beckett 120px-Barracks_leader.jpg Barracks leader
Colm Meaney Cowen Cowen 120?cb=20120329223424&path-prefix=en Miles O'Brien
Obi Ndefo Rak'nor Rak'nor 120px-Drex.jpg Drex and Kelemane
Robert Picardo Richard P. Woolsey Richard Woolsey 120?cb=20120305070318&path-prefix=en Lewis Zimmerman, The Doctor, and various other EMH's
Leon Rippy W. O. West Major General W. O. West 120px-Sonny_Clemonds_with_guitar.jpg L.Q. "Sonny" Clemonds
Saul Rubinek Emmett Bregman Emmett Bregman 120px-Kivas_Fajo.jpg Kivas Fajo
Alan Ruck Adam Fletcher Dr. Adam Fletcher 120px-John_Harriman.jpg John Harriman
Dwight Schultz Keeper The Keeper 120?cb=20060726171405&path-prefix=en Reginald Barclay
Wallace Shawn Arlos Kadawam Arlos Kadawam 120?cb=20070124015141&path-prefix=en Zek
Armin Shimerman Anteaus Anteaus 120?cb=20190827145039&path-prefix=en Quark
Marina Sirtis Svetlana Markov Dr. Svetlana Markov 120?cb=20180906192757&path-prefix=en Deanna Troi
Eric Steinberg Netan Netan 120?cb=20100605054736&path-prefix=en Paul Porter, Ankari captain
Scott Smith Officer (Stargate) Unnamed Officer in Stargate 120px-Doyle.jpg Doyle
David Ogden Stiers Oberoth Oberoth 120px-Timicin.jpg Timicin
Tony Todd Haikon Haikon 120?cb=20221217181442&path-prefix=en Kurn, and others
Connor Trinneer Atlantismichalekenmore Michael Kenmore 120?cb=20120403002744&path-prefix=en Charles "Trip" Tucker
Musetta Vander Shan'auc Shan'auc 120px-Derran_Tal.jpg Derran Tal
Gwynyth Walsh Kelmaa Kelmaa 120?cb=20200608194836&path-prefix=en B'Etor, Nimira
Derek Webster Brown (Lieutenant) Lt. Brown 120?cb=20141214014210&path-prefix=en Lt Sanders
Doug Wert Hadden Hadden 120?cb=20160323221707&path-prefix=en Jack Crusher
Marc Worden Ronan Ronan 120px-Riga.jpg Alexander Rozhenko
Rick Worthy The Warrior K'tano/Imhotep 120px-Jannar.jpg Jannar, and others

  • James Spader, who played Dr. Daniel Jackson in the movie, stars on the ABC drama Boston Legal with William Shatner ("Captain Kirk" in the original Star Trek series) and Auberjonois.
  • Gary Jones, who played CMSgt. Walter Harriman in Stargate SG-1, appeared on stage with the improv group TheaterSports in Vancouver, BC, parodying a well-known starship captain in "Star Trick: The Musical".
  • In one sense Stargate series was created and developed on basis of Star Trek. A lot of ideas adopted. Many earlier episodes of Stargate SG-1 were undeniably similar to episodes from the Star Trek series—for example, "The Nox" and "Errand of Mercy." However, as the show went on and developed its own niche, this tendency gradually came to minimum. Оne way or another, Star Trek had sizable influence on creators of Stargate. Without Star Trek the universe of Stargate would never be the same as now.
  • The season six episode "Prometheus" mirrors Star Trek Voyager's "Message In A Bottle" in most ways.
  • Paul McGillion (Dr. Carson Beckett) auditioned for the role of Scotty in the eleventh Star Trek movie. However, the role was later given to Simon Pegg. McGillion still played a minor role in the movie.
  • It is not known if the use of the name is intentional or not, but in a book, The Good That Men Do, Charles Tucker (a Star Trek character played by Connor Trinneer) in order to be believed dead takes the name of Michael Kenmore (a Stargate: Atlantis character played by the same actor).
  • Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson) and Vanessa Angel (Anise/Freya) were considered to appear in Star Trek as Shinzon and Seven of Nine, but other actors have chosen instead of them.
  • Richard Dean Anderson (Jonathan J. O'Neill) was considered to appear in Star Trek as Benjamin Sisko.

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