The Star-Warriors, also known as the Stargate Guardians, Stargate Warriors and as the Doomsday World Warriors, were an ancient species who were connected to the Stargates. These Egyptian attired aliens were servants of the being known as Ra. They were hostile to other forms of life which they viciously killed and attacked. Their bodies were capable of surviving projectile weapon fire and their armor was composed of a quartz-like substance similar to that of the Stargate. In addition, one of their hands contained an advanced energy weapon whilst the other held a vicious blade that was easily capable of butchering enemies. Whilst they spoke a strange alien language, they were capable of speaking limited words in English.

The remains of one of these creatures were discovered on Earth and the knowledge of a second Stargate in the world. It was later tracked down to a mysterious island known as the Island of Doom with the expedition being a joint effort and led by both Dr. Joel Murphy and Alexandria Klaus. During their venture, they encountered the Star Warriors who proved almost impervious to attack. On one occasion, a Stargate warrior was killed by Dr Murphy when he used a prototype electro-gun that projected an incompatible energy which killed the alien. Later, a Star Warrior emerged from the second Stargate and attacked both the expedition and Regalia's people. This was the case until Dr Murphy reversed the polarity of the Stargate and sent the Star Warrior into the gateway and severed its body in half. Another group emerged at another point but retreated when they faced destruction from an aerial strike but promised that they would return. (Stargate: "Doomsday World 1")

These aliens feature only in the separate Stargate continuity that deviated from the original movie and does not feature in SG-1.
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