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Stacy Bonner is a trainee within the United States Air Force and is part of a team of cadets within the Stargate Command. She's the niece of Gus Bonner, and serves as part of his team.


Early Life[]

When she was growing up, her father used to tell her stories of her uncle Gus and he became her hero. He also told her that he was a pain in the neck who wouldn't listen to anybody, but she ignored that part because she wanted to believe him. She ended up hurting her father's feelings because he thought she preferred her uncle over him. (INF: "Mentor")

Gus being her hero was the reason she went to the Air Force Academy and applied for stargate command. (INF: "Mentor")

Gus Bonner Framed[]

When her uncle Gus Bonner was framed for a Tlak'kahn attack on Stargate Command, their identification codes were invalidated, making them unable to remotely open the iris. The team was then trapped off-world. Initially, Stacey was unsure as to whether her uncle had, in fact, betrayed Stargate Command. (INF: "The Decision")

On one mission, her uncle made saving her his first priority after she and Draga had been kidnapped by the Tlak'kahn. This effectively earned her trust. (INF: "The Best World")


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