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The title of Special Jaffa Liaison is one that was given to Teal'c upon the successful defeat of the remaining System Lords, Anubis and the successful establishment of the Free Jaffa Nation. Teal'c duties were to represent the Jaffa High Council with all cooperative missions and efforts between the SGC and the Free Jaffa.

While working in this capacity, Teal'c was still a sanctioned member of SG-1 under the direct command of General Landry. While this was advantageous for both the SGC and Teal'c in his endeavors to both find more Jaffa and bring them to their new united people, and to explore new worlds with his allies and friends, it did put a strain on his relations with the council, as many within the council thought his position as liaison to the Tau'ri was at an end and he should focus more on his own people than others.

It is unknown whether this position has been replaced and Teal'c joined his people fully as of now.

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