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18:30, May 9, 2005USAF-RDA.jpg (file)63 KBCocoaZen (The source for this picture is the U.S. Air Force ( Materials from this site are in the public domain. To quote the site "2. Information presented on Air Force Link is considered public info)
22:09, May 16, 2005USAF-SGCplus.jpg (file)10 KBCocoaZen (Picture of some of the SGC staff with U.S. Air Force Personnel. From
12:49, July 27, 2005Walter harriman.jpg (file)35 KBPjotr'k (Walter Harriman)
03:13, September 5, 2005Alkesh.jpg (file)52 KBKnightmare (screen capture provided by release to public domain)
17:19, September 10, 2005Pierce.jpg (file)5 KBPjotr'k (Pierce in SG-2, SG-15 and the Alpha Site.)
19:03, September 10, 2005Mackenzie (doctor).jpg (file)5 KBPjotr'k 
19:04, September 10, 2005Mackenzie (technician).jpg (file)6 KBPjotr'k 
18:59, September 11, 2005Puddle Jumper-back.jpg (file)37 KBPjotr'k (Puddle Jumper as seen in "Moebius, Part 1".)
13:46, September 16, 2005Vosh.jpg (file)8 KBPjotr'k 
17:07, September 19, 2005Fisher.jpg (file)5 KBPjotr'k (Fisher)
17:21, September 19, 2005Knight.jpg (file)118 KBPjotr'k (Knight)
17:42, September 19, 2005Inago.jpg (file)97 KBPjotr'k (Inago)
19:58, September 19, 2005The Ties That Bind-1.jpg (file)69 KBPjotr'k (The Ties That Bind)
14:32, September 20, 2005The Ties That Bind-2.jpg (file)61 KBPjotr'k (The Ties That Bind)
19:21, September 20, 2005SG1 Season 9.jpg (file)79 KBPjotr'k (SG1 Season 9)
19:49, September 20, 2005SG1 Season 9 banner.jpg (file)68 KBPjotr'k (Banner for SG1 Season 9)
19:50, September 20, 2005Atlantis Season 2 banner.jpg (file)77 KBPjotr'k (Banner for Atlantis Season 2)
05:11, September 21, 2005Avalon-3.jpg (file)5 KBPjotr'k (Avalon (episode))
15:16, September 21, 2005Nerus.jpg (file)13 KBPjotr'k (Nerus)
16:13, September 21, 2005Latal.jpg (file)14 KBPjotr'k 
13:53, September 25, 2005Jonas Hanson.jpg (file)8 KBPjotr'k 
14:25, September 25, 2005The First Commandment-2.jpg (file)5 KBPjotr'k 
14:26, September 25, 2005The First Commandment-3.jpg (file)9 KBPjotr'k 
14:36, September 25, 2005Jamala.jpg (file)6 KBPjotr'k 
14:37, September 25, 2005Frakes.jpg (file)5 KBPjotr'k 
14:39, September 25, 2005Baker.jpg (file)6 KBPjotr'k 
17:12, September 28, 2005Conversion-1.jpg (file)56 KBPjotr'k (The Iratus bug version of John Sheppard ("Conversion"))
09:55, October 30, 2005Amatersu.jpg (file)6 KBPatricia (Amatersu. (Screencap from SG1:"New Order, Part 1" - website:
10:03, October 30, 2005Amonet.jpg (file)25 KBPatricia (Amonet. (Screencap from SG1:"Children of the Gods" - website:
10:11, October 30, 2005Anubis.jpg (file)28 KBPatricia (Anubis. (Screencap from SG1:"Full Circle" - website:
10:12, October 30, 2005Skaara.jpg (file)16 KBPatricia (Skaara. (Screencap from SG1:"Full Circle" - website:
17:47, November 4, 2005Gairwyn.jpg (file)28 KBPatricia (Gairwyn. (Screencap from SG1:"Thor's Chariot" - website: {{image}})
01:58, November 24, 2005Pete Shanahan.jpg (file)12 KBAngelQueen (Pete Shanahan)
02:27, November 24, 2005Jacob meets Mark.jpg (file)27 KBAngelQueen (Jacob Carter and his son, Mark.)
12:38, November 28, 2005Meh.jpg (file)45 KBSGCommand wikia (My Picture)
13:11, December 4, 2005Red copyright.png (file)3 KBPjotr'k (Made by [ Jon Harald Søby] at July 20, 2005, based on earlier version by [ Rafał Pocztarski]. {{Wikimedia Commons}})
13:29, December 4, 2005Stargate-poster.jpg (file)53 KBPjotr'k ({{ImagePoster}})
03:57, January 3, 2006Goauldwriting.JPG (file)64 KBW-Enzo Aquarius (An example of Goa'uld written language.)
21:10, January 27, 2006Abouttokiss.jpg (file)51 KBThe Keeper (Angering millions of shippers)
21:11, January 27, 2006Stuck.jpg (file)54 KBThe Keeper (Jack can't go home.)
21:11, January 27, 2006Windmill.jpg (file)68 KBThe Keeper (Chopping wood (Jack, not the windmill))
02:55, April 18, 2006Jenny.jpg (file)21 KBRa ({{image}})
02:59, April 18, 2006Mitch.jpg (file)23 KBRa (Reverted to earlier revision)
06:48, June 25, 20060qu.svg (file)3 KBMarco Polo (copied from Image:Quest.svg for compatibility with {{tl|sgad}}. )
07:43, June 28, 2006Ra.svg (file)4 KBMarco Polo (Vector version of Image:Sym-ra.gif I made using Inkscape. )
21:26, June 30, 2006Stargatebg.jpg (file)7 KBMarco Polo 
04:27, July 1, 2006Favicon.ico (file)7 KBMarco Polo (brighter and w/ all 3 sizes)
14:25, July 4, 2006Vulcan.jpg (file)67 KBRa (Vulcan salute)
16:58, July 5, 2006Hand device.JPG (file)26 KBSFH (Heru-ur with his hand device in Secrets.)
20:04, July 8, 2006Sokar guard.JPG (file)22 KBSFH (Sokar guard from Jolinar's Memories)

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