"We just saw one of them eat its own vomit. How smart can they be?"
Matthew Scott[src]

Space deer (named by Lt. Matthew Scott) are a native species of a deer living in the forest around the Stargate on an unnamed planet in a distant galaxy.


They are very similar to Earth deer, are known to be herbivorous, and may be ruminant, having been observed regurgitating their food. The deer have a light blue spot along the back, head and stomach. The deer are hunted by a predator on their planet and are not only edible for humans, but also apparently flavorful. They also have small horns on their heads and along their backs.


In 2010, when a group of the Destiny expedition explored planet one in search of edible plants and plants with medicinal properties, Lt. Matthew Scott uses a kino and sees the two space deer eating. At least one of them was killed by MSgt. Ronald Greer and later barbequed for Destiny expedition. (SGU: "The Hunt")

BBG Deer

A barbequed space deer


A concept are of Space deer.


Concept art of Space deer.

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