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Space bison,[1] also known as the space bison, are large bipedal creatures that live on an unnamed planet in a distant galaxy visited by the Destiny.


The creature is primarily dark-brown in color with large black eyes. It has a mane which runs the full length of its back, ending where the tail begins, as well as hair on its chin, but has no other hair on its body. They appear to be a herbivores who spend most of their time as part of a larger herd.


In 2009, while searching for Simeon, Dr. Nicholas Rush, MSgt. Ronald Greer and Lt. Matthew Scott encountered the creature feeding on a bush in a distance. Later on while in pursuit of Simeon, Rush used C-4 to scare the herd of the creatures, causing them to run towards Simeon, trampling over him in a frenzy. (SGU: "Malice")