"Space Race" is the eighth episode of the seventh season of Stargate SG-1.


Warrick Finn from Hebridan comes to Earth and asks Major Samantha Carter for assistance to win an annual Hebridian race in exchange for advanced technology.




Major Samantha Carter is called to Stargate Command to meet Warrick Finn, the Serrakin SG-1 rescued from an uncharted planet. (See "Forsaken") He has flown in on the Sebrus to ask for her help to win a race in exchange for access to the Serrakin ion drive, and other technology. Warrick explains that it is called the Loop of Kon Garat hosted by the planet's largest corporation known as Tech Con Group. The race is hosted every year which anyone can enter and the winner gets a lucrative contract with Tech Con. Since diplomacy between Earth and Hebridan has been slow, Warrick came up with an unoffical way to offer the technology. He's arranged for a small group from Earth to come on a diplomatic visit, there are no race rules saying they can't help him win, and if they just so happen to learn about Serrakin technology, it can't be helped. Diagnostics of the Sebrus showed greatly improved efficiency when Carter recharged it with a Naquadah generator. To his surprise, Carter asks to fly with him because the generators are precious to humans and they know how to hook it up, as he was expecting to just borrow one. Warrick is reluctant at first because the race is dangerous, but is convinced to accept Carter as his co-pilot as danger is part of what the SGC does.

On the Hebridan/Serrakin homeworld, Warrick's announcement of Carter's participation as his co-pilot is reported on the broadcast network TCNN, and how SG-1 saved Warrick. Disembarking the Sebrus in its hanger, SG-1 is introduced to Eamon Finn, the Sebrus' creator and Warrick's younger brother. Eamon is a little prickly that Warrick brought in help that he believes they would have done just fine without but apologizes on Warrick's urging. After Warrick shows Carter a translated tech manual for the ship, Eamon informs him the long-range scanning control unit they ordered did not arrive again, due to their credit rating, but Warrick insists he'll get one. Warrick escorts Colonel Jack O'Neill and Dr. Daniel Jackson to the Hebridan capitol building while Teal'c, who claims Carter 'asked' him to help so he can avoid the boring politics, stays behind with Carter and Eamon to check on the Sebrus. Eamon explains to Carter that since Warrick returned, work has been scarce. He also reveals that Athea is now his ex-sister-in-law, as she had remarried when Warrick was presumed dead and has children of her own. Warrick hopes to win the race to get his life back and wants to do anything to achieve it. As for Eamon, he designs garbage disposal units for Tech Con's food service division. He trusts that his job description alone is enough for Carter to figure out his motivations.

The race data comes in, explaining the course and who Warrick and Carter are racing with. Eamon recognizes one of the racers as Golan Jarlath, a gunrunner who is apparently out of jail. Competition that's a bigger concern is La'el Montrose, an independent colony cargo runner who's ship is very fast, but worse is Muirios, a pilot of legendary skill.

Warrick takes Carter with him to the parts shop they've been regularly dealing with to pick up his order. The owner Taupen clearly doesn't have anything against Warrick, but the Finn's credit has been maxed out for months. Warrick states his best chance of paying back what he owes depends on winning the Loop. Taupen won't give him a new unit, but he does offer a reconditioned one he just got that morning that should work fine, which Warrick gratefully accepts. Jarlath then happens to swagger into the shop and tries to rile Warrick by saying he doesn't have a chance of winning, and hits on Carter. When Warrick starts to leave with his part, Jarlath sneers that he had better stay out of his way or Jarlath will "blow his pathetic ship to pieces". Carter stops Warrick from going back to retaliate and he agrees that Jarlath isn't worth the effort. Back at the hanger, Eamon and Teal'c have finished all the other work the Sebrus needs. On Teal'c asking, Eamon is certain the ship could win without the Naquadah generator, but with it, it's practically a guarantee. After they step out for some food, a man quickly steps out from where he was hiding and heads for the ship's boarding ramp, carrying a toolbox.


The Sebrus is attacked by drone.

The race starts and the first stage is using shields to defend against weapon drones. The second stage is riding against the surface of the sun. Suddenly, the Sebrus' systems begin to shut down, leaving her stranded in the star's corona; eventually, gravity will pull it into the surface. Warrick discovers that the power diverter overloaded; he can't fix it. Conferring with Eamon and Teal'c, Warrick, knowing that Eamon's work is above reproach, realizes that someone got the plans for the ship and used it to sabotage the power diverter in a way that would be nearly impossible to prove. Eamon tells them to bypass the power diverter by reconnecting the generator directly to the engines, and they quickly get to work. Warrick lets Carter know that there is a possibility that the engines could just explode when they bring them online, but she notes that it's a preferable risk to definitely dying when the ship crashes into the sun. Planetside, Eamon figures that someone got inside the ship to perform the sabotage but to figure out how to do so in the first place, they needed the plans, as Eamon had significantly customized the Sebrus, a common model, from its default specs. It dawns on him that someone must have stolen the schematics from his work computer, at Tech Con.

Sebrus 4

The Sebrus is stranded in the corona.

Once they are successful, the Sebrus blasts out of the sun's coronasphere and on Carter's suggestion, they use the sun's gravity to slingshot back into the race.

Meanwhile, Eamon has found out that his supervisor, Del Tynan did access his work computer. To find evidence, he and Teal'c go to Tech Con. They get in with Teal'c as Eamon's cousin, 'Murray'. Eamon explains that he put a program on his work computer that records the passcode of any intruder that tries to access his personal files. They get into Tynan's office and look into his computer and find out he sabotaged nearly every ship in the race, except Muirios', whose ship has been outfitted with boosters from Tech Con's prototype division, impossible for a private sector pilot to get. Suddenly, they get caught by Tynan.

Back in the race, Warrick and Carter decide to rescue Jarlath and find out he has been sabotaged as well.

At Tech Con, Tynan explains to Teal'c and Eamon that he thinks that the Serrakin are destroying the human race by crossbreeding and he's making sure that the winner is a human for the first step of overthrowing the Serrakin. He contacts Warrick and tells him to drop out of the race or else he'll kill Eamon and Teal'c. Suddenly, O'Neill, Daniel and company president Miles Hagan come in with guards and arrest Tynan and his men. Hagan now has the evidence to put Tynan in jail for corruption.

Sebrus 3

The Sebrus navigates an asteroid field.

With Eamon and Teal'c safe, the Sebrus is back in the race but in third place with La'el and Muirios battling each other for first, and it's very close. Knowing that Warrick can't possibly win now, Warrick and Carter decide to sabotage Muirios in retaliation to make sure he won't win either. Jarlath offers his expertise with weapons, and reconfigures the Sebrus' communications array to freeze the controls on Muirios' ship. With Muirios' ship disabled, the winner is La'el.

Later, at the SGC, Carter receives word that Warrick has been hired by Montrose to co-pilot on her new contract from Tech Con and Earth has an ion engine to study. Carter swears that next year, she's going to kick butt.


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Notable quotes[]

Carter: Look. I know that this could be dangerous. But this is our job, right? It's what we signed on to do. We take risks in the hopes of achieving new levels of technology. If—and I stress if—participating in this race happens to be a little bit, I don't know...
Jackson: Fun?
Carter: What's a girl to do?
Jackson: That's just what I thought.

Warrick: Major Carter. If you are to be my co-pilot, you'll need to know how the ship works.
Carter: What is this?
Warrick: A complete operations manual of the Sebrus. I had it translated for you.
Carter: Thank you.
O'Neill: That's not our language.
Carter: It's mine, sir.
O'Neill: Right.
Eamon: Warrick, the long range scanning control unit didn't come in again today. When I called they said our credit…
Warrick: I will go myself and pick one up, after I get back from escorting Colonel O'Neill, Doctor Jackson and Teal'c to the Hebridan capital building.
O'Neill: T, you coming?
Teal'c: Major Carter has requested that I remain so that I may assist her.
O'Neill: She did?
Carter: I did?
Teal'c: Indeed.
Carter: Right… yes, thank you.
Teal'c: I do not wish to disappoint Major Carter.
O'Neill: Yes… I know the feeling.
(Warrick, O'Neill and Jackson leave. Teal'c walks up to Carter.)
Teal'c: I am in your debt, Major Carter.
Carter: Indeed.

Carter: What's this?
Warrick: Expensive.

Warrick: Jarlath... still avoiding personal hygiene, I see.

Eamon: Hungry?
Teal'c: That depends.
Eamon: I'm sure we can find something that will suit you.

Eamon: Has it occurred to you that maybe the reason you have been passed over so many times is not because you're a human, but because you're a moron?

Jackson: Nice outfit, you guys OK?
Teal'c: Indeed.
O'Neill: How many times have I told you, don't get caught by the bad guys.

Jackson: You're just sorry that you lost.
Carter: Well come on! It wasn't fair. Bunch a cheaters.
Jackson: So what'cha gonna do?
Carter: Next year I'm gonna kick butt.


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  • Near the end of the episode the announcer mentions "Corso's Temporal Eatery" - The antagonist in "Forsaken", the episode where the Serrakin are first encountered, is named Aden Corso.
  • This episode's main plot bears a striking similarity to the seventh season Star Trek Voyager episode "Drive", in which one or more members of the main cast participates in a "friendly" space race which eventually leads to the revealing of the episode's antagonist. Both episodes also involve the sabotage of one or more of the space race vessels.
  • The image of the planet Hebridan as shown in this episode (also embedded above) is actually an upside-down view of Earth, in particular the northern subtropic regions of the Eastern Hemisphere. The Indian subcontinent and Sri Lanka can clearly be seen right of center; in the top right corner the distinctive shape of the Strait of Hormuz and the Musandam Peninsula highlights the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula.

Other languages[]

  • French: La Grande Épreuve (The Great Test)
  • Italian: Corsa Spaziale (Space Race)
  • Spanish: Carrera Espacial (Space Race)
  • Czech: Vesmírný závod (Space Race)
  • German: Space-Rennen (Space Race)
  • Hungarian: A verseny (The Race)

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