South Park is a Tau'ri animated series. The series is known for its funny and crude moments. Eli Wallace has at least one episode downloaded on his cell phone. After arriving on Destiny, he spent time with Adam Brody, Lisa Park and Dale Volker, watching the same episode over and over again. (SGU: "Only Run When Chased")

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Kurt Russell leads a team into the portal

  • The three-part South Park episode "Imaginationland", heavily references both the Stargate series and the device itself. During the Cold War, the US government built a doorway to the imagination in a "super secret" project called "Project Imagination Doorway"; it was built to combat the Russians, however they were never able to make it work. The portal, which resembles a Stargate, is activated when the Imagination Song is sung in proximity to the device. Later, a team lead by Kurt Russell was sent through the portal after a terrorist attack. He was selected because he was in "that movie that was kind of like this." However, unlike what happened in the movie, Russell and the team were raped by evil Christmas Critters. The referencing scenes are also accompanied by a score very similar to the main theme of Stargate.
  • South Park's 200th episode, like Stargate SG-1's, is also titled "200". Much like the SG-1 episode, it is very much an episode for the fans; it pokes fun at itself and there are several references to previous episodes and gags, including the reappearance of 200 celebrities that band together to sue the town of South Park.
  • Isaac Hayes, who plays Tolok in Stargate SG-1, appeared as Chef in several episodes until his departure following the controversial episode "Trapped in the Closet", which made fun of Scientology (whom Hayes was a follower).

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