Sorth is a planet in the Pegasus galaxy that has a Stargate.


Sometime before the expedition visited the planet, the Genii had built a nuclear power station, but abandoned it since.

In 2006, Teyla and Ronon visited the planet, after hearing from one of her contacts that there was old technology on the planet. They had not discovered the city on the planet and met its people.

Lieutenant Peter McCray's team with Radek Zelenka visited the planet and discovered a lot of radiation, which came from an abandoned Genii nuclear power plant, which was close to the city and was poisoning the residents. The team searched the facility and found some abandoned vehicles. The team was surprised by the Genii soldiers who were left on the planet. The entire team was killed by Genii soldiers, except for Zelenka, who had discovered that the plant's generators were overheating and could cause a meltdown and kill the whole town.

Argan Loci and Dr. Zelenka managed to stop the meltdown, and the population of the planet was saved from disaster. (SGA: "Meltdown")

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