Sora Tyrus is a Genii and the daughter of Tyrus. According to Cowen, she is a skilled fighter and expert marksman.



She had known Teyla Emmagan all her life, however despite this friendship, held Teyla responsible for her father's death when Teyla was forced to leave Tyrus behind on a mission to a Wraith Hive ship. (SGA: "Underground")

She was also a member of Commander Acastus Kolya's strike force during the raid on Atlantis. It is here that she shows a level of compassion for the soldiers Kolya killed recklessly in the Stargate Operations. She claimed that they could have been overpowered opposed to killed straight off. Her reason for such a statement was that she wanted the "Atlanteans" to be co-operative. She later showed distressed concern when Kolya threatened Major John Sheppard with physical harm. While occupying Atlantis, she battled Teyla Emmagan in a knife fight in the Jumper bay, using her father's knife. Teyla eventually managed to disarm Sora of the knife. At this point Sora asked for the feud to be ended once and for all, implying Teyla to kill her; instead Teyla threw the knife to the ground, severing the feud and showing an end to the conflict. Sora's change of heart enabled her to assist a wounded Dr. Carson Beckett to safety. She was then taken prisoner, Dr. Elizabeth Weir optimistically stating that perhaps she could be used in trade with the Genii in the future in order to patch up relations between the two cultures. (SGA: "The Storm", "The Eye")

Behind the scenes

  • During filming of "The Siege, Part 2", Sora was traded for a Genii nuclear weapon. The scene was cut due to time constraints, however, so Sora's status is unknown.
  • Although unlikely to be canon, Erin Chambers commented in an interview that she formed a little backstory for her character - Sora. The backstory includes that Sora is 20 years old and that her mother died when she was young; the reason for her close relationship with her father is because of this. Her weakness lies in that she is too emotional. This is definitely seen when confronting Kolya's ethics and when she ends the feud with Teyla. Chambers even claims this is why she lost her fight with Teyla.[1]

References and notes

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