Solen Sincha is a male Satedan soldier who served with Ronon Dex' regiment.


Early LifeEdit

Sincha was one of more than three hundred Satedan survivors who were able to conceal themselves in shelters west of the Satedan capital city. When they emerged, the planet was destroyed and the Wraith had departed. He and the others left the planet for new homes.


Solen eventually settled on Belkan and is reportedly the only Satedan living there. He is aware of other Satedans who come to the planet to trade, such as Task Master Kell. He is fond of drinking games and passing the time in the tavern embellishing stories from the Satedan/Wraith conflict. He was reunited with Ronon when the latter traveled to Belkan on a trade mission with Teyla Emmagan. (SGA: "Trinity")


When Ronon was captured by Tyre, Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team went to Belkan and questioned him about Ronon's whereabouts. Later, when he received more information, he contacted Atlantis and told them that Ronon and Tyre were on Sarif Sur. (SGA: "Broken Ties")

Behind the scenesEdit

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