The solar radiation shield, also known as a UV energy shield, was a device of Goa'uld construction which was placed on worlds whose atmosphere was either too thin or damaged to protect the inhabitants from ultraviolet radiation. It was intended as a temporary measure until the Goa'uld began to terraform the world in question. As such, it was never meant for long term use though, considering the fact that terraforming could take centuries to accomplish, the shield would often find itself working for such long periods of time.

An active device protecting a portion of the planet against ultraviolet radiation.

The shield consisted of two identical portable stations with each possessing an activation device. An input device was also included that allowed the user to alter the shields settings. To use the device, the stations needed to be placed no more than 30 miles from one another and no less than 10 miles close to each other. When activated, the shields generated an orange force field stream between the two stations in a hemispherical pattern. This shield worked to prevent the ultraviolet radiation from affecting the inhabitants of the planet.

The shields found themselves commonly in use by the System Lords who required immediate use of a planet that suffered from such environmental hazards. Rather than being patient, the Goa'uld would employ the use of these shields to begin an establishment on the world. Stargate Command encountered several of these devices abandoned on worlds such as Avnil. (RPG: "Fantastic Frontiers: Stargate Season One")

The devices found on Avnil was used by Captain Jonas Hanson to make sure that the people from the planet would worship him as a god. Jonas' plan worked at first when the device was activated but SG-1 showed the people he was not a god and they pushed him in the Stargate which led to Earth—with a closed iris—thus killing him. The device was active when SG-1 left. (SG1: "The First Commandment")